Chris Windeyer

Chris Windeyer is a reporter with CBC Yukon. He is the former editor of the Yukon News and was a 2018-19 Southam Journalism Fellow at Massey College.

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With no clear winner, Yukon's election-night intrigue will linger

If you’re trying to pull a coherent narrative or storyline out of last night’s Yukon election results, good luck.

Campaign trail notes: Here's what Yukon's political parties had to say March 18

Housing, community safety and education were on the agenda as the campaign's first week draws to a close.

Parties start rolling out promises as Yukon election campaign ramps up

After a weekend mostly spent putting up signs, Yukon's three main political parties started the campaign's first full week with announcements.

Yukon voters will head to the polls on April 12

Yukon Liberal Leader Sandy Silver announced the territory would head into an election campaign Friday, with voters going to the polls on April 12, the fifth provincial or territorial election to be held in Canada during the pandemic.

Conditions at Whitehorse hospital's secure unit broke health and safety rules, records show

CBC News has learned an inspection of the secure unit by Yukon's Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board found six violations of the territory's Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Yukon Liberal gov't's pre-election budget draws mixed reviews

Despite, or perhaps because of, more than half a billion dollars in new spending, not everyone's happy with this year's Yukon budget.

Assembly agenda a blank slate as Yukon heads into election season

On top of the pandemic, the government will table its annual budget Thursday. Oh, and there's an election coming. Buckle up.

Yukon women's groups slam RCMP decision to halt sexual assault review process

Yukon women's groups are criticizing the RCMP's decision to shut down a committee reviewing sexual assault cases.

Yukon continuing care workers forced to take sick days for vaccine side effects, union says

Union president says the Yukon health department should have been better prepared for staff missing work because of vaccine side effects. The department said it staggered vaccinations for frontline workers in order to minimize workplace disruptions.

Project to build 3 RCMP detachments in Yukon $6M over budget

The Yukon government says the RCMP will cover the additional costs by moving money around from its capital budget.