Chris Windeyer

Chris Windeyer is a reporter with CBC Yukon. He is the former editor of the Yukon News and was a 2018-19 Southam Journalism Fellow at Massey College.

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Yukon's 2 leading political parties still rely heavily on secret, legal revenue source

Yukon's Liberal party raised nearly $73,000 in so-called "other" revenue, according to Elections Yukon's 2022 party financing report, while the Yukon Party took in more than $45,000. The source of such revenue doesn't have to be publicly disclosed.

'No one voted for this:' Unpacking the Yukon's renewed Liberal-NDP alliance

Faced with the prospect of calling a winter election after mere weeks as the Yukon’s new premier, or trying to survive confidence votes in the legislature with just eight out of 19 seats, new Liberal leader Ranj Pillai made the unavoidable call: another deal with the NDP.

Former Whitehorse hotel to house 20 people until end of June

Safe At Home has already received at least $16 million for the project, including $10 million to buy the hotel from its former owners, Northern Vision Development.

Ranj Pillai, acclaimed as Yukon Liberal leader, becomes premier this weekend

A sleepy leadership contest ended quickly over the weekend, with Liberal cabinet minister Ranj Pillai taking over the helm of the Yukon Liberal Party by acclamation. Pillai, who ran unopposed, says he'll outline his plans as premier after he's sworn in later this month.

Why some people say social workers need to be placed in Yukon schools

Despite the best efforts of teachers and educational assistants, one other believes her child needs help from a social worker. Meantime, the Yukon Education Department says it's rolling out a new inclusive education program.

Council deadlock sinks Whitehorse cannabis store's zoning change bid

Community Cannabis would have been located on Second Avenue in downtown Whitehorse, within 150 metres of the Individual Learning Centre.

Whitehorse man sentenced for 'drug-fuelled' sword-waving Dawson City foot chase

Rodney Bailey chased two people with a sword, then led police on a pursuit through downtown Dawson City.

Accused in Whitehorse shootout remains in coma

Sheldon Keobke faces 15 charges, including attempted murder, after a shootout in Whitehorse last week. His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 3.

Housing advocates push Whitehorse to consider short-term rental rules

Housing advocates say companies such as Airbnb and Vrbo divert housing stock from the rental market in favour of lucrative short-term stays.

City of Whitehorse to keep McIntyre Creek road study on the table, for now

McIntyre Creek is popular for its trails and wilderness. It's also sandwiched between two major roads and some growing subdivisions.