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Chantal Dubuc has been a videographer/editor for CBC North based in Yellowknife since 2005.

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Researchers dive for kelp in the Arctic

Over the past few weeks, researchers have been working to track and understand what effect climate change is having on seaweed along the coastal waters of Canada's Western Arctic. They also hoped to map and study the ecology of Arctic kelp forests in the area.

Rubik's Cube sponsorship scam hasn't dampened young Yellowknifer's speed-cubing spirit

Owen Wilkes, 13, still wants to share his passion for speed-cubing with the North after being targeted by a scammer offering a fake sponsorship opportunity.

Entry-level training to get trucking licence in N.W.T. will be mandatory as of January

Northwest Territories’s residents who want to get their Class 1 license, required to drive semi-trailers and tractor trailers, will have to go through mandatory entry-level training, beginning January 2022.

Young hockey goalies in N.W.T. tried table tennis to improve coordination. It worked

A group of young hockey goalies traded in their gear for some table tennis paddles to join a research study designed to help goalies enhance their reflexes. Thorsten Gohl, the mastermind behind the study, says it helped increase reaction time in players.

Former Inuvik landlord, Talal Khatib, found not guilty in drug trial

N.W.T. Supreme Court Chief Justice Louise Charbonneau said she was left with reasonable doubt that Talal Khatib was in control of the cocaine and money found in a house he shared with a housemate in 2017.

N.W.T.: Canadian Catholic Bishops' apology not enough for some residential school survivors

Canadian Catholic bishops have offered an apology for the church's role in residential schools. N.W.T. bishop Jon Hansen is "very pleased" with it, but Dene Elder and residential school survivor Paul Andrew says sorry isn't enough.

Fort Resolution man gets life without parole for 11 years for second-degree murder

Chad Tyler Beck was handed a life sentence with no chance of parole for 11 years in N.W.T. Supreme Court Thursday. He had been convicted of second-degree murder this past May for killing Cameron Sayine with an axe in Fort Resolution in July 2018.

Crown argues for 13 years in jail for Fort Resolution man convicted of killing Cameron Sayine

Sentencing arguments were made in the second-degree murder conviction of Chad Beck in N.W.T. Supreme Court Wednesday. Beck, 33, was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing 27-year-old Cameron Sayine with an axe in July 2018.

Yellowknife artists explore Indigenous futures, with traditional materials

“The initiative was done so that people were able to kind of project their own cultures into the future instead of living up to the expectation that certain cultures just live in the past kind of thing,” says one of the collaborators.

N.W.T. leaders hope mending gap between the North, South is a priority this federal election

Gwich'in Tribal Council Grand Chief Ken Kyikavichik says housing and social issues in northern communities need to be fixed. The N.W.T. government says it's going to write to the federal parties and ask how they will work with and support the North.