Bell, Susan

Susan Bell has worked with CBC News since 1997 as a journalist, writer-broadcaster, radio host and producer. She has been with CBC North since 2009, most recently as a digital producer with the Cree unit in Montreal.

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Old photos open window into the early days of CBC's Cree-language broadcasting

CBC North's Cree-language programming celebrated 50 years of its radio service and 40 years of its television service in November.

Former candidates call to improve elections for Indigenous voters in Quebec

For the second straight election, voter turnout in the Ungava riding of northern Quebec was just above 30 per cent — the lowest in the province by far. Two Indigenous candidates who ran and lost in Ungava are demanding that elections officials do better.

'An act of reclamation and defiance': rising Cree star moves into new era

Formerly known as Angel Baribeau, Cree artist releases new music under new Eenou name, Siibii, which means river in Cree. It marks a deeper connection to their homeland and Indigenous identity.

Washaw Sibi Cree move closer to dream of a community

At least three Cree communities have so far agreed to give up the right to one square kilometre each of territory granted to them under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and known as Category 1 lands. Category 1 lands are lands allocated to the Cree communities. 

Cree family shoots for 'aunty laughs' on Family Feud Canada

The Wabano family has ties to Moose Factory, Ont. and Waskaganish, Que. and will appear in December on Family Feud Canada.

Cree voters frustrated by not being able to cast a ballot in Quebec's election

Stories are emerging of Cree voters in the northern Quebec riding of Ungava who were unable to cast their ballots in Quebec's provincial election. "I always vote. We didn't have problems before," said one frustrated woman.

'Fighting a losing battle': Ungava voter turnout is again lowest in Quebec

The northern Quebec riding of Ungava once again had the lowest voter turnout in the province with just 30.3 per cent of eligible voters casting ballots, only slightly higher than in 2018. 

Keep on rockin' in the Cree world: Legendary northern Quebec cover band celebrates 50 years

A special tribute is happening this weekend in the northern Quebec Cree community of Chisasibi to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fort George Rockers, a band credited with laying the groundwork for a thriving music scene in Quebec Cree communities.

How to engage more Indigenous voters in Quebec's election

In 2018, voter participation in the northern Quebec riding of Ungava was just over 30 per cent, less than half what it was in the rest of the province. The Assembly of First Nations Quebec Labrador is organizing a debate Tuesday night to try change that.

Talk of new dams in Quebec election has some Indigenous leaders surprised, others on guard

On the campaign trail last week, Legault said that to meet a rapidly growing demand for cleaner energy, the province needs to "build half a Hydro-Québec in the next few years."