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Avery Zingel is a reporter with CBC North in Yellowknife. She is a graduate of the Carleton University School of Journalism and Political Science. Email her at avery.zingel@cbc.ca or follow her on Twitter @averyzingel.

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Trappers in Mackenzie Delta may need relief if waters rise

High waters in the spring could cause trouble for trappers and harvesters if their cabins flood, says MLA Lesa Semmler. She wants relief and expanded eligibility rules for territorial relief programs.

N.W.T. MLAs want government policies reviewed for racism

MLAs want a total review of the territorial government's policies from education to hiring and housing — and cabinet members agree.

Northern Birthwork Collective to bring doula training to N.W.T. communities

The Northern Birthwork Collective wants to train doulas in each community and create culturally-safe programming for the N.W.T. for reproductive health, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting.

Lutselk'e 'outraged' Frontier Lodge stuck in N.W.T. government's 'bureaucratic trap'

Chief Darryl Marlowe says the territorial government’s slow progress on permitting remote lodges could be ruinous for the newly acquired Frontier Lodge, a central part of the First Nation’s plan for Thaidene Nëné.

No house call policy, limited paramedic services costing lives, N.W.T. MLA says

At least two residents of Deninu Kųę́ First Nation in the N.W.T. died after losing precious time because they could not be transported to health centres in time, and nurses are prohibited from making house calls, MLA Steve Norn says.

Criminal records a barrier to employment in N.W.T., says MLA

Tu Nedhé-Wıı̀lıı̀deh MLA Steve Norn says criminal records are a potential barrier to job applicants due to the high number of criminal convictions in the N.W.T.

'Alarming' cultural competency gaps in health services: Deh Cho MLA

Deh Cho MLA Ron Bonnetrouge says that health and social services staff are not given adequate cultural competency training to work in First Nations communities, including in sensitive positions like child apprehension.

N.W.T. MLAs ask for improved mental health and addictions treatment in territory

MLAs zeroed in on what residents need to recover from addictions and say the territorial government should make key investments in housing navigators, managed alcohol programs

N.W.T. considers sending mental health teams to Nunakput

Weeks after Nunakput MLA Jackie Jacobson requested grief counsellors in Nunakput, the health minister says she will look into whether a travelling team of mental health workers can be send to those communities.

N.W.T. MLAs discuss elder abuse, national pharmacare

Deh Cho MLA Ron Bonnetrouge says Elders face abuse but are not getting adequate services in the region. MLA Kevin O'Reilly seeks N.W.T. government's vocal support on a private members bill for national pharmacare.