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April Hudson is a digital journalist with CBC News in Yellowknife. After a career in print journalism in the N.W.T. and Alberta, she joined CBC North in 2021. You can reach her at april.hudson@cbc.ca.

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Wildfire near Yellowknife created its own weather and spawned a stormcloud that sent smoke 10 km into the air

"Fortunately, it wasn't on your side of the lake, or things would be potentially very threatening for the community," said one scientist watching from afar.

Fewer people have been reporting child abuse in the N.W.T. That might not be a good thing.

Concern that social isolation might stop people from reporting child abuse was part of what drove the government to assemble a working group in 2020. The latest data from that group shows reports of suspected child maltreatment or neglect plunged dramatically in January and February 2022.

N.W.T. firefighters buy a new truck, drive 2,700 km to get it home

Last week, firefighters in Norman Wells proved just how far they would go to bring home a new and much-needed truck for their department.

Fire danger down in some areas of N.W.T., but officials urge vigilance

Don't overestimate the difference rain can make, says wildfire information officer Mike Westwick. There are 114 wildfires burning in the territory as of Monday evening.

This Alaskan parka is windproof, waterproof — and made from bear intestines

It's waterproof. It's windproof. It's lightweight and durable. And it's made from the intestines of two bears, painstakingly cleaned and sewn together by a group of women in Alaska.

Addressing mental health, social anxiety could help Yellowknife's graduation rate improve, say youth

Two youth surveys later, a group of teens in Yellowknife have gathered data on why some high school students struggle to graduate — and they have some ideas for what can be done to address that.

Women in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, learn to build cabins for the community

Eight students are learning how to use power tools, frame and build a 12-foot-by-eight-foot cabin. Their plan is to donate it back to the community.

'The water's coming up': Nahanni Butte chief says residents should get ready for flooding

At Thursday's meeting, Vital said the plan is to have Nahanni Butte's 93 residents go to Fort Simpson or Yellowknife if the community needs to evacuate.

Drug decriminalization in B.C. 'an invitation to rejoin society', says former Yellowknifer

Garth Mullins, who grew up in Yellowknife and now advises the B.C. government on decriminalization, says the decision won't stop people from dying, since it doesn't address safe supply, but it's the first step toward treating drug use as a health matter instead of a criminal one.

Ex-priest who abused Inuit children 'should rot in jail,' says federal minister

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller defended Canada's justice system as one of the best in the world, but said if it was up to him, Eric Dejaeger would still be behind bars.