Anna Desmarais

Anna Desmarais is a videojournalist for CBC North based in Whitehorse. Before that, she spent two years as the South Slave correspondent based in Hay River, N.W.T. She's also reported from Yellowknife, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto and Kathmandu. Reach her at or @anna_desmarais.

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Affordability one major theme of Yukon's latest housing report

Affordability is one of the themes of the Yukon's latest housing report. The Yukon Bureau of Statistics compiled data from the 2021 census, to give a territory-wide view of what’s going on for homeowners and renters. 

'It's about dignity': Yukon launches territory-wide dental care plan

The Yukon government is giving residents without dental coverage up to $1,300 a year to pay for dental care bills that aren't currently covered.

Assets from Yukon's bankrupt Wolverine Mine up for quick sale

Bits and pieces of the Yukon’s defunct Wolverine Mine are now up for grabs, as the company behind it prepares for a quick sale of its assets. 

The newly-minted Yukon First Nations School Board elected its trustees. Now what?

Five people were elected to the First Nations School Board on Monday. Now, there are questions about how and when the new trustees will take on the work they’ve been selected to do. 

'A beacon of hope': New Yukon EMS unit focuses on substance use crisis

Yukon EMS have started a new pilot project where paramedics will be educating the public on how to safely consume and test drugs.

Whitehorse woman camps in the cold to protest lack of access to doctors

Devon Laing camped outside for a week to bring attention to how difficult it is for her and other Yukoners like her to access appropriate medical care. 

Political fundraising more than doubles for Yukon parties in 2021

The 2021 election in Yukon brought a massive fundraising boost to the territory's political parties. 
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Yukon's no-cause evictions are little known, poorly tracked, and 'shocked' this former tenant

Karen MacDonald had no idea she could lose her rental unit for no reason. It comes back to a little known clause in the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, which says a landlord can end a rental agreement any time, so long as they give up to three months' notice.

Every death is personal on the frontlines of Yukon's opioid crisis

In the first three months of 2022, the Yukon’s chief coroner said the territory’s substance use death rate was 74.4 per 100,000 — over three times the national average and well ahead of British Columbia, the province with the second-highest total at 45.3 deaths.

Yukon woman paid $7K for private ketamine treatment, only to learn that the Yukon gov't covers it

A woman from Haines Junction paid over $7,000 because the Yukon government didn't tell her it covers a ketamine treatment very similar to the one she paid for privately. Experts say that's not unusual.