This Atlin skate park was a long-time dream. A community of volunteers made it reality

Dozens of volunteers have built a new skate park in Atlin, using ramps and equipment salvaged from the former Whitehorse park.

'I would just keep saying to myself, if God can build the universe, he can build a skate park here in Atlin'

Darryl Tait has long dreamed of a skate park in Atlin, B.C. He helped make it a reality by salvaging some discarded equipment from Whitehorse. (Submitted by Darryl Tait)

Seeing the new skate park in Atlin, B.C., was "surreal" for Darryl Tait.

Tait had dreamed of a skate park since he was a kid. Last week, that dream became reality — with the help of 50 to 60 volunteers and some salvaged equipment from Whitehorse.

"Amazing to see it finally in use," said Tait, who now lives in Whitehorse. "The community is going to benefit so much."

Tait had the idea to salvage ramps from the former Whitehorse skate park before it was demolished in May. A group of volunteers pulled off the last-minute rescue in May.

Darryl's mother Barb Tait then drummed up the "unbelievable" community support to build the concrete base and make the park in Atlin happen.

"It's going to make me cry talking about it," Barb Tait told CBC's Yukon Morning. 

Building the new park in Atlin was a huge community effort. (Submitted by Darryl Tait)

Building the park was a huge community effort, she said, with community members, local corporations and the Taku River Tlingit First Nation pitching in to help and donate. The community got 10 per cent of the project funded through the B.C. Park Enhancement Fund.

Barb Tait said she was crying at one point during the concrete pour, watching three trucks and 20 volunteers in action.

"I was just dumbfounded," she said. 

"I didn't even know what I was asking for when I was going around asking for people to give up their time and energy. And there it was in front of me unfolding."

Darryl Tait, who uses a wheelchair, loves seeing kids and their families use the equipment.

"I can still roll around in my wheelchair and just absorb all of the thrills that the kids are getting," he said.

"They're so excited ... it's unreal. It does my heart so good to see the community benefiting from this."

Community volunteers came together to create a skateboard park in Tarahne Park in Atlin, B.C. Barb Tait and her son, Darryl, were two of the organizers of the project. They spoke with guest host Elyn Jones. 9:53

Barb Tait said their community often doesn't get funding. But, she said, they are "the little engine that could."

"I would just keep saying to myself, if God can build the universe, he can build a skate park here in Atlin."

The new skate park in Atlin, BC. (Submitted by Darryl Tait)

Written by Laura Howells, with files from Elyn Jones and CBC Yukon Morning


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