First Nations artwork stolen from Yukon Inn lobby

RCMP say a man took a print off the wall and walked out the hotel's front doors. A few hours later, thieves came and took another one.

Police say thieves walked out with two prints, valued at $400 each

A security camera image shows a man walking out the door of the Yukon Inn with a stolen print, on Dec. 6. Police believe the same man stole another print from the hotel earlier that evening. (RCMP)

Whitehorse RCMP are looking for help to identify a man who walked out of the Yukon Inn with a valuable print, then apparently returned hours later with friends to take another one.

One of the stolen prints, which police say were both valued at $400. (RCMP)

Police say the two missing prints, with First Nations designs, are valued at about $400 each.

The other stolen print. (RCMP)
The thefts happened on the evening of Dec. 6. Security camera footage shows a man taking a framed print off the lobby wall and carrying it out of the downtown hotel's front doors.

Almost five hours later, just before midnight, three people arrived through the same doors and took another print. Police say the person who removed it appears to be the same man who stole the other print, earlier.

RCMP are asking anybody with information to contact them.   

Artwork stolen from Yukon Inn - CCTV footage


5 years ago
Closed-circuit television footage shows prints being stolen from the Yukon Inn. RCMP are asking anyone with information of the theft to contact them. 1:50