Arctic Bay's Inuujaq school uses video to fight bullying

A group of Grade 6 students in Arctic Bay, Nunavut, are hoping their anti-bullying video will help kids who are feeling isolated and alone.

Grade 6 students want kids across Nunavut to know there are people who care and who can help

Grade 6 students at Inuujaq School are hoping their new video will let people who are being bullied know there are people who want to help. (Submitted)

A group of young filmmakers from Arctic Bay's Inuujaq School hope their new video will show victims of bullying that there are people who care. 

"I believe this video is so powerful," says teacher Gregory Stevenson. "I had tears streaming down my face when we were editing it."

In the video, a group of Grade 6 students act out several scenarios to show how bullied kids feel isolated and excluded. 

"The video actually start out with just one student staring out the window," describes Stevenson, "because you feel alone and you feel neglected."

The kids also hold up hand-written signs saying things like 'I was bullied, beat up and teased' and 'People call me names. It hurts. It really, really hurts.'

'Never give up'

Stevenson says the video carries an important message: "There is help. There is a way out." 

After the kids filmed each of the bullying scenarios, they decided what they could do to help each of the bullied characters. 

The result, their teacher says, was effective.
At the beginning of the anti-bullying video, a student who feels isolated stares out a window alone. (Submitted)

"We had other students just kind of sneak up behind [the girl who felt isolated] and put their head on her shoulder."

Stevenson says he didn't coach the kids; they came up with the ideas on their own. 

"I'm just so proud of these guys."

This issue is something Stevenson says he feels strongly about, since he was bullied when he was young.

"There were many times when I thought there was no help. I wanted to give up," he says. "But, you know, help comes in mysterious ways. And from people you don't expect."

The students and Stevenson hope this video will be shared far and wide to let kids across Nunavut know help is never far away.

"Never give up. Life's worth living."