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Anna Desmarais is the South Slave Correspondent for CBC North based in Hay River, NT. She has also reported from Yellowknife, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto and Kathmandu. Twitter: @anna_desmarais Email:

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Hay River hires bylaw officer to gather information on self-isolation breaches

Hay River council has appointed a bylaw officer to help gather information on breaches of the N.W.T. government’s mandatory self-isolation order for people returning the territory, as well as information on people possibly holding social gatherings or not staying two metres apart.

N.W.T. farmers say now is the time to teach people how to grow their own food

Jackie Milne, president of the Northern Farm Training Institute, says if any of Canada's major import markets decide to stockpile their agricultural goods during the COVID-19 pandemic, the North could see immediate effects. 

Addictions treatment centre closures in Alta., B.C., could mean more obstacles for N.W.T. patients

Three of the four addiction treatment centres that accept patients from the Northwest Territories have closed their doors to new N.W.T. clients during the novel coronavirus pandemic — but they maintain that treatment goes on for those already inside.

N.W.T. mental health workers concerned COVID-19 could limit access to services

Counsellors and social workers in the Northwest Territories are concerned that COVID-19 could drastically change access to mental health services.

Dene Nation survey suggests a fifth of its members could have severe complications from COVID-19

The survey suggests at least 3,200 of the 15,000 Dene Nation members in N.W.T. could have serious complications from the disease.

How the N.W.T.'s travel ban impacts a community of 8 people, just below its border

The eight residents of Fort Fitzgerald, Alta., are seeing the effects of the N.W.T.'s border closure first hand as they show ID at the border crossing to get groceries.

Fort Smith volunteers start grocery delivery service for those in quarantine

Fort Smith's Northern Store and volunteers from St. John's Anglican Church have teamed up to deliver groceries to people in self-isolation.

Highways into N.W.T. from Alberta, B.C. and Yukon closed to visitors, transport officers monitoring

Transport officers are checking in with drivers coming in and out of the Northwest Territories as early as Saturday afternoon, after the chief public health officer said the border was going to be closed in response to COVID-19.

Deh Gáh Got'îê First Nation chief recommends community checkpoint

The chief of the Deh Gáh Got'îê First Nation near Fort Providence, N.W.T, is recommending his community go into self-isolation to prevent any cases of COVID-19.

K'atl'odeeche First Nation declares state of emergency over COVID-19

The K'atl'odeeche First Nation near Hay River, N.W.T, has declared a state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect its members.

Here's how 3 N.W.T. communities are preparing for COVID-19

As news of cancellations continues to spread across the N.W.T., local leadership in South Slave and Dehcho communities have been preparing response plans.

Few answers on Hay River highrise fire, 1 year later

It's been one year since about 150 people were displaced after a fire started in Hay River's only high rise building. There are few answers for when the building will be reopened and what started the fire.

Hay River council approves tourism plan, aims to become 'essential' N.W.T. destination

The town of Hay River has embraced a new three-year tourism plan that they hope will make the town an “essential” N.W.T. destination.

Pehdzeh Ki First Nation in Wrigley will step away from Dehcho process, says chief

Pehdzeh Ki First Nation in Wrigley, N.W.T, said it intends to walk out of the Dehcho negotiation process.

Indigenous Guardians learn how to map permafrost changes in new workshop

A mapping workshop run by the Dehcho Collaborative on Permafrost is the first step in creating a map of permafrost thaw in the Dehcho region, using both traditional knowledge and scientific research.