Cree singer and songwriter releases new album as 1st solo project

Cree powerhouse vocalist Angel Baribeau released their new album 'For Those I Love(d)' on all digital platforms Friday. 

Angel Baribeau releases 'For Those I Love(d),' available on all digital platforms

Angel Baribeau's new album released Friday. 'I really love the final product,' Baribeau said. (Sukhdev)

Cree powerhouse vocalist Angel Baribeau released their new album For Those I Love(d) on all digital platforms Friday. 

"I am super-super excited to release this project. This is going to be my first solo project,'' said Baribeau, who goes by they/them pronouns, from the northern Quebec community of Mistissini.

Love is up the River is the first single from Baribeau's new album to reach top 10 on the weekly show Indigenous Music Countdown in June. The countdown playlist is aired worldwide on SiriusXM and 12 stations nationwide in Canada.

Baribeau's latest video release of an acoustic version of the song Wish We Were Older, one of the six songs featured on the album, has been viewed more than 13,000 times in less than a week on Facebook.

"I really love the final product," the singer-songwriter said.

Watch Baribeau perform Wish We Were Older:

Baribeau said they started writing songs at the age of 13.

"I have an attachment to each of them for different reasons. Even though I don't feel the same as I did when this project started, I'm proud to be honouring the emotions I felt and the person I was."

Baribeau recently signed a two-year contract with N'we Jinan records.

"Angel has always been an artist at heart, but has slowly grown into their own voice," N'we Jinan's project manager David Hodges said.

Hodges said N'we Jinan ensures artists receive the support, development and promotion in preparation for a successful career.

"[Baribeau has] a bright future in arts; this project is the first glimpse at their capabilities," Hodges said.

Baribeau says they plan to continue creating art and finding ways to give back to their community. (Sukhdev)

"I hope whoever hears these songs ... feel a connection. I hope that that connection serves you well because that's what music does for me," said Baribeau.

Baribeau said they plan to continue creating art and finding ways to give back to their community. 

"I want the audience to know that music and art is healing," said Baribeau.

And to young people, Baribeau says this: "No matter what path you decide to pursue, always practise your art."