Andy Attagutalukutuk wins 400km Nunavut Quest dog race

After nine days on the trail, Andy Attagutalukutuk of Igloolik proved to be the fastest musher, traveling 400 kilometres in just under 40 hours.
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      Eight out of nine dog mushers completed the Nunavut Quest dog team race over the weekend.

      Dog team racers arrived in Pond Inlet Saturday, nine days after leaving Igloolik, almost 400 kilometres to the southeast.

      The first prize of $15,000 went to Andy Attagutalukutuk of Igloolik, with a total time of 39 hours and 54 minutes.

      “This is my third first place win in a row,” Attagutalukutuk told the CBC. ‘It takes only one time to join and you want to race again and again. That’s how it is for me. It’s just a wonderful race.”

      Peter Siakuluk of Hall Beach made the distance in 44 hours and 15 minutes. He won $7,000.

      And Michael Inuarak of Pond Inlet won third place and $4,000 with a time of 46 hours and 36 minutes.

      Other mushers this year included Lee Inuarak of Pond Inlet, Joey Sarpinak of Igloolik, Moses Oyukuluk of Arctic Bay, Panuilie Okango of Pond Inlet and Isaac Irngaut of Igloolik. 

      Maren Vstula of Igloolik started but did not complete the race. 

      Mushers in the Nunavut Quest travel from Igloolik on the Melville Peninsula to Pond Inlet on the northern tip of Baffin Island, a distance of about 400 kilometres.