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Alex Brockman is a CBC News reporter based in Yellowknife. He's worked in the North since 2016, covering territorial politics, Canada's military and the Sahtu region of the N.W.T. Follow him on twitter @BrockmanCBC. Have a story idea? Email him at

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'Nothing short of disappointing': North a low priority in federal election

People in the North struggle with the high cost of living, an unpredictable climate, chronic housing shortages and the lingering problems caused by residential schools. But during the campaign, national leaders haven't focused extensively on the North’s problems and how to solve them.

Adventurer reaches Tuktoyaktuk, calls North toughest stretch of 24,000-km journey

Dianne Whelan just finished a 3,500-kilometre stretch of her 24,000-kilometre trek across Canada, paddling through Alberta and the Northwest Territories, before stopping for a rest in Tuktoyaktuk. 

N.W.T. voted for change, soon MLAs will decide what that looks like

For the second straight election, voters in the Northwest Territories have signalled they’re ready for change. Soon, the work will begin to actually implement that. 
NWT Votes 2019

In Nunakput, residents grapple with the N.W.T.'s most complex challenges

Whoever is elected in the N.W.T.'s Nunakput riding will be tasked with addressing high cost of living, inadequate housing, and distance from government services that are supposed to help people living in the riding.

Ottawa's new Arctic policy has lofty goals, but few details on how to reach them, critics say

The federal government's new Arctic strategy lists health, infrastructure and economic development at the top, with calls to end poverty, eradicate hunger and eliminate homelessness, but it includes few details on how it plans to do all that.
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In his own words: Bob McLeod reflects on time as N.W.T. premier

McLeod spoke with CBC News for a wide-ranging exit interview, reflecting about his time in politics, some of his achievements, and where he sees the future of the Northwest Territories.

'Extremely frustrating': Resident unsure what's next following Yellowknife apartment fire

Though Sunday's fire at the Crestview Manor apartment building in Yellowknife appears to be minor, it's left residents feeling anxious about whether they can return.

Inches instead of miles: A look back at the N.W.T.'s 18th Assembly

While it’s still too soon to write the definitive history of the 18th Assembly, it will likely be remembered as a missed opportunity, as some of the bold changes promised four years ago never fully materialized. 

Yellowknife's housing market slows as economic slump looms on the horizon: CMHC

The CMHC released its annual report on housing in Canada's North, and it appears concerns about an economic slowdown in the Northwest Territories is having an effect on Yellowknife's housing market.

Delays in signing protected areas agreement could cost K'asho Got'ine government $1M

If the agreement is not signed before the territorial election, the next chance likely won't happen until the new year, said Stephen Kakfwi, one of the negotiators who helped create the protected area.

N.W.T.'s new Corrections Act brings big changes to territory's jails

In a session where regular MLAs and cabinet have often been at odds — with at times, combative debate — the Corrections Act passed through its final review with unanimous support Wednesday.

High turnover at N.W.T. legislature could be challenging for new MLAs: ministers

Current and former MLAs say newly-elected members may struggle to carry out their mandate if experience is lacking.

N.W.T.'s carbon tax passes review, despite Hail Mary effort to delay it to 2020

The bills passed through their final review despite a bid from Kam Lake MLA Kieron Testart to delay the carbon tax until Jan. 1, 2020, which failed 12-5. Now it appears certain the carbon tax will be in place on Sept. 1.

N.W.T. MLAs appear set to approve carbon tax — even though they don't like it

The carbon tax in the Northwest Territories is set to come into effect next month, but there appears to be little enthusiasm for the tax from MLAs — including the minister responsible for the plan. 

N.W.T. MLAs approve updates to decades-old oil and gas laws

The laws update the rules around how a company can get permits to explore for and produce oil in the Northwest Territories while regulating what happens once a company starts exploring for or producing oil and gas.