Lava flow seen on restless Alaska volcano

Scientists say satellite images obtained Sunday show the lava flow is about 800 metres long on the Veniaminof volcano, one of Alaska's most active.

Mount Veniaminof, 772 kilometres southwest of Anchorage, is one of the state's most active volcanoes

A small flow of lava can be seen in this satellite image of Mount Veniaminof, taken on Sunday. A triangle-shaped cone of thin ash can also be seen stretching south of the lava flow. (Alaska Volcano Observatory)

A lava flow has been spotted on an Alaska volcano that recently became active again.

Alaska Volcano Observatory scientists say witnesses aboard the state ferry Tustumena saw the lava flow and fountaining on Mount Veniaminof Monday morning.

Scientists say satellite images obtained Sunday show the lava flow is about 800 metres long on the 2,500-metre volcano, one of Alaska's most active.

The observatory last week increased the threat level of Veniaminof from yellow to orange. That colour designation indicates sudden explosions could send ash above 6,100 metres and threaten international airplanes.

The volcano erupted for several months in 2013. Other recent eruptions occurred in 2005 and between 1993 and 1995.

Veniaminof is 772 kilometres southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula. Perryville, a town of about 100 people, is 32 kilometres southeast of the volcano.

Aerial view of an eruption at Mount Veniaminof in August 2013. This photo shows the incandescent, orange stream of molten lava emerging from the active cone. Steam billows from the pit at the base of the cone where the lava encounters and melts ice and snow. (Reuters)


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