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Whitehorse performer Fiona Solon picks her top 5 songs of the moment

Whitehorse musician and performer Fiona Solon shares the music that is inspiring her at this moment.

'It was actually really difficult to do just five,' Solon said

Fiona Solon calls classic rock her musical foundation, but she looked elsewhere for her top 5 songs of the moment. (Submitted by Fiona Solon)

This story is part of a web series called Music that Matters with CBC Yukon's Airplay host Dave White. Dave sits down with Yukoners to talk about five pieces of music that inspire them. 

Picking five songs that matter turned out to be a challenge for Fiona Solon.

"I feel like it would have been probably easier for me to come up with a list of 50 to 500 inspiring songs," said the Whitehorse musician and performer. "It was actually really difficult to do just five."

Solon also decided to avoid classic rock, even though she calls it her musical foundation, so she started with Iron Lung, a tune from the American band Black Marble, led by Chris Stewart.

"It's really heavily influenced by the eighties synth wave," she said. "I really like to listen to it when I'm making coffee and breakfast on the weekend."

Solon selected Who I Am by Yukon musician Paris Pick as her second choice.

"This song makes me tear up every time I hear it, in the most profound way," she said. "It's really solid songwriting with very honest, vulnerable lyrics. It just makes me so proud of her."

"My third choice is an Alberta band called Ghost Woman," said Solon.

"It's like psychedelic chill rock. The whole album is great. They actually came with another album this year, but this song is from the first record and it just has a special place in my heart."

For her fourth choice, Solon selected 100 Years by the Philadelphia-based band Dr. Dog.

"I think I'd like to recommend this whole album as an excellent highway-driving soundtrack. It flows like a movie, it has its high points and low points. Almost every song has a plot arc to it. It's entertaining and beautiful."

"I saved my most favourite song of the moment for last," said Solon.

She discovered Seabird by The Alessi Brothers when the song played over the closing credits of the film Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

"Anyone who I have played it for, it's been stuck in their head," she said. "It's actually been my alarm for the last little while. It's such a great pick-me-up."