CBC Yukon interview to join Lunar Codex, and head to the moon

Heather Horton Whedon's art will be included in the Lunar Codex, part of a collection that will land on the moon, and that will also include an interview she did with CBC Yukon's Dave White.

'I'm just delighted to be involved in this,' says Heather Horton Whedon

Canadian artist Heather Horton Whedon will have some of her artworks sent to the moon as part of the Lunar Codex, along with an interview she did with CBC Yukon's Dave White. (Photo by Joss Whedon)

I've interviewed a lot of artists over my years of hosting the afternoon show on CBC Radio in Whitehorse, but only one has decided to take me to the moon.

Heather Horton Whedon lived and worked in the Yukon for a few years, and we had several great chats. She was always an interesting, thoughtful interview, and an amazing artist.

She left the territory a number of years ago, but we stayed in touch. A few weeks ago, she sent me a note and said some of her work was going to be included in the upcoming Lunar Codex, a plan to digitize the work of hundreds of creatives and shoot it to the moon.

And she asked if an interview we did could be included.

Samuel Peralta is the payload coordinator for the Lunar Codex. (Antosia Fiedur)

The Lunar Codex has been called the "most expansive and diverse collection of culture ever launched to the moon."

Physicist and storyteller Samuel Peralta is the payload coordinator of the project.

"What we're trying to do is archive contemporary artists and writers and musicians and filmmakers in a time capsule," said Peralta. "Except this time the time capsule isn't under a building, it's going on rockets to the moon."

There will be three separate trips to the moon, beginning next year, and most of the payload will consist of NASA scientific projects. Peralta has acquired space for small discs that will contain art he has curated.

"(Sam) has been a long time collector and I'm just delighted to be involved in this," said Horton Whedon. 

A painting by Canadian artist Heather Horton Whedon that will be heading to space. (Photo by Heather Horton Whedon)

"It's pretty expensive," said Peralta. "You can buy tickets to space right now, if you have the deep pockets for it. I don't have those kind of deep pockets, otherwise I would buy a ticket myself. But I have enough money to buy a sliver of space."

The first two trips of the Lunar Codex will contain art, the third will be larger and also contain film and audio components, like the interview Heather and I did a few years ago.

Heather Horton Whedon's painting of her cat Sasha will also be included. (Photo by Heather Horton Whedon)

Horton Whedon is particularly delighted by the fact two of her 11 paintings depict her cat, Sasha.

"He passed away while I was in lockdown, and I wasn't able to be with him," she said. "He was such a dear friend. So I messaged Sam, knowing that the pictures were going to be in a digital format and maybe he could sqeeze in room for a painting of Sasha."

Two paintings featuring Sasha were ultimately added to the collection.

"I'll never look at the moon the same way again."


Dave White is the host of Airplay, CBC Yukon's afternoon radio show. He's lived in the Yukon since 1989, more or less.