A roof-dwelling dog's eye view of Fort Good Hope, N.W.T.

Goldie, a five-year-old golden retriever, has climbed onto the roof of her owner's house since he was one year old.

Goldie, 5, hasn't kicked the habit in four years, says owner

Goldie's owner, Celine Proctor, has even re-tiled the roof to make it safer for Goldie to sleep on. (Peter Sheldon/CBC )

A dog in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., obviously isn't satisfied with a floor-level view of the community. 

Goldie, a 5-year-old golden retriever owned by Celine Proctor, has climbed onto the roof of Proctor's house ever since he was 1, says Proctor.

"He caused me so much grief," she says. "He broke two of my windows upstairs just wanting to get out on the roof."

Proctor says she's even re-tiled the roof so that Goldie wouldn't sleep on loose tiles.

It's not all-roof, all-the-time, however. Proctor says she restricts Goldie's access to his favourite spot during the winter and particularly on windy days — or tries to, anyway.

"He's a really spoiled dog," she says.

Three years ago, a Canadian Eskimo sled dog in Yellowknife named Fraya also made news for hanging out on her owner's roof. 

Owner Celine Proctor says Goldie's climbed to the top of her house since he was one year old. (Peter Sheldon/CBC )


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