A rhino without a cause?

A Rhinoceros Party charge on the polling booths of the Yukon has been stopped in its tracks.

A Rhinoceros Party charge on the polling booths of the Yukon has been stopped in its tracks.

Ben Mahoney claimed his rights were being trampled because he was refused a chance to run in next Monday's election.

Mahoney couldn't find an accountant in the Yukon willing to audit his books as required by Elections Canada.

Government lawyers claimed Yukoners' rights would be stepped on if the Rhinos were allowed to halt the vote.

Among other things, would-be candidate Ben Mahoney claimed the recent heat wave is the first part of his platform to make the Yukon hospitable for Rhinos.

But Mahoney or his platform won't be making it onto the ballot.

After his nomination papers were refused by Elections Canada, Mahoney went to the Yukon Supreme Court asking for an injunction to stop the election.

Government lawyers argued putting a stop to the vote would be unfair to more than 900 Yukoners who have already voted in advance polls.

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Leigh Gower put a stop to the Rhino charge.

He refused to grant the injunction.

However, Gower left the door open for Mahoney to launch a constitutional challenge to election laws that require candidates to hire auditors.

He is giving Mahoney until four o'clock on Thursday to sign documents to appeal the decision.

Mahoney isn't impressed with the offer.

The angry Rhinoceros party hopeful stomped out of court before Gower finished giving his decision.

"Democracy has been trampled. It's pathetic and it's stupid." said Mahoney outside the courthouse.

Mahoney says he needs to find a job and doesn't know yet if he'll have the time or the money to continue his legal challenge of a law he still believes puts the future of Canadian democracy in the hands of accountants.