Yellowknife in 360°: tourist captures all angles of capital city

With 360° cameras not yet for sale on Yellowknife store shelves, Stephen Lee turned some heads when he captured his trip to the city with his all-encompassing camera.

Hong Kong tourists photgraph Yellowknife from all angles

Stephen Lee (right) and Doris Lee (left) pose for a selfie with their 360° camera while travelling in Yellowknife, N.W.T. (Stephen Lee)

With 360° cameras not yet for sale on store shelves in Yellowknife, tourist Stephen Lee turned some heads when he captured his trip to the city with his all-encompassing camera.

Lee, from Hong Kong, spent four days touring Yellowknife with his wife. He snapped 360° pictures of northern landscapes along the way.

CBC News reached Lee by phone as he waited to board a plane at the Yellowknife airport — to start his long trip home.

"I am not an avid photographer. I am quite lazy," Lee said humbly about his photographs. "I bought [the camera] about a half a year ago... It's very easy."

While traveling in the North, Lee and his wife went dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and aurora watching. Lee said one of his favourite 360° pictures is from in front of a cabin on Great Slave Lake.

But Lee said there were some challenges.

"The problem with taking pictures in sub-zero degrees is the camera freezes up really quickly," Lee said. "I could only take a few snaps."

Lee said the camera also had difficulty capturing northern lights. However, it was able to encapsulate the entirety of a northern sunrise — unfortunately, it was a cloudy day.

"All my friends are really interested in coming to Yellowknife by looking at those pics," Lee said.

Lee is hoping to come back to Yellowknife in August, when it isn't so cold.

No electronic stores in Yellowknife carry 360° cameras, but at least one store is planning to bring in some models.

"I am looking at getting them as soon as I can," said Jeremy Findlay, with Roy's Audiotronic.

Findlay hopes to have a 360° camera on shelves in January, but said it may take until the spring of 2017.