RCMP warns of influx of counterfeit $100 bills in Iqaluit

Nunavut RCMP say Iqaluit has seen an influx of counterfeit bills with foreign writing on them.

Bills are paper, not the standard plastic, and have foreign writing on them

RCMP say the fake $100 bills are paper not plastic, like real Canadian money, which are a polymer. (RCMP)

Nunavut RCMP say Iqaluit has seen an influx of counterfeit bills with foreign writing on them.

RCMP Cpl. Henry Coman says they are paper not the standard plastic, like real Canadian money, which is a polymer.

He asks that residents examine bills closely before they accept them and contact police if they believe they have a fake bill.

Real bills have identifying security features built into them, including raised ink, a frosted window around the maple leaf and small hidden numbers in the design, according to the Bank of Canada website.  

At this point, RCMP have only retrieved fake $100 bills.

Police are reminding residents that buying or possessing fake money is a criminal offence.

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local RCMP detachment.