No charges laid one year after Karman Willis killed

One year after a teenager was killed on Wiebo Ludwig's farm, police still haven't been able to charge anyone with her death and that's frustrating her family and people who live in the area.

Sixteen-year-old Karman Willis was shot and killed as she was joyriding with friends through Ludwig's farm compound.

Ludwig is in jail. He was convicted of charges in connection with vandalizing oil wells a year and a half ago.

Ludwig's family live on the Trickle Creek Farm in northwest Alberta. They've had nothing to say about what happened to Willis that morning of June 20, 1999.

Alberta's justice minister says people in Hythe and Beaverlodge have to be patient. Justice Minister Dave Hancock says police can't arrest anyone without appropriate evidence.

But people who live in the area say the Ludwigs know more about the shooting than they're admitting.

"You can't threaten people, and intimidate and use bombs and have people murdered on your property and expect the feelings to go away with no effort from yourself," said Brian Peterson, with a local group called the West County Concerned Citizens.

Karman Willis's parents have admitted that she shouldn't have been on the Ludwig property, but they say she didn't deserve to die.

Her mom, Barb Willis says they are struggling with their daughter's death.

"It's really hard," she says. "We've lost her and we won't have her here for any of the special occasions that most people can have their 16-year-old daughter around for. It makes it really tough."