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Ontario moves to cap delivery app fees in regions where indoor dining banned

Ontario is set to cap the fees third-party delivery apps impose on restaurants in regions where indoor dining is prohibited, in a bid to protect what profits restaurants can still make during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Queen's students who 'flagrantly' break pandemic rules could be expelled

Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., has threatened to discipline students caught partying through the pandemic as part of an effort to cut down on "superspreader" events.

Toronto Police Services Board to review anti-racism measures at Friday meeting

The body that oversees the Toronto Police Service will consider recommendations to immediately bolster mental health services and gather community input on the police budget at a meeting this week in an effort to combat anti-Black racism within the force.

Marco Muzzo, who killed 3 children and their grandfather, unlikely to drive drunk again, parole board decides

A Toronto-area drunk driver who killed three children and their grandfather was granted day parole this week because the board found he had become more self-aware in the years since the crash and was unlikely to reoffend.

Ontario municipalities worry about going in the red as COVID-19 drains coffers

Municipalities will be hardest hit in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, says the Association of Municipalities Ontario. The group has asked the province to give them money so they don't have to go into the red while they fund services such as paramedics.

5 people convicted of smuggling bear parts from Sandy Bay, Sask. to Toronto

Five people have been convicted of illegal wildlife trafficking for smuggling black bear parts from Saskatchewan to Ontario, officials from both provinces announced Thursday as they wrapped up a 2½-year probe.

Planned event reignites debate about libraries' role as forum for free speech

An event featuring a self-described feminist speaker known for saying transgender rights endanger women has reignited an old debate about the role of public libraries as forums for free speech.

Ontario post-secondary schools to study how students get around

A contingent of 10 universities and colleges in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is launching a three-year research program examining how their students get around.

Trial begins for class-action alleging Christian private school abuse

A lawyer representing former students suing the now-defunct Grenville Christian College near Brockville, Ont., said its late headmasters psychologically tormented pupils to break their spirits.

Human rights tribunal orders northwestern Ontario First Nation to allow banished woman to return

A northern Ontario First Nation must allow a banished woman to return, a human rights tribunal has ruled, saying the community's leaders evicted the woman as retribution for her common-law partner's political disputes.

TDSB projects $28.7M shortfall due to provincial cuts

Ontario's largest school board has to account for a $28.7 million shortfall next year because of the province's changes to education funding, according to a document presented to the Toronto District School Board's budget committee.

Ex-Olympic gymnastics coach tells his sex assault trial apology letter was misinterpreted

A former high-ranking gymnastics coach accused of sexual assault told his trial Thursday that when he apologized to his accuser for "crossing the line," he wasn't referring to any sexual transgressions.

'I am guilty of crossing the line,' ex-gymnastics coach writes in letter

In a letter written shortly after his arrest, a former Canadian gymnastics coach accused of sexually assaulting a young gymnast years ago apologized for "crossing the line" but insisted his actions were not sexually motivated.

Woman testifies ex-gymnastics coach kissed her on lips when she was 12

The sexual assault trial of a former gymnastics coach has heard from a woman who testified Tuesday in Sarnia, Ont., that the man controlled every aspect of her life when she was training with him as a teenager.

Ontario students walk out of class to protest sex-ed curriculum changes

Students at more than a hundred schools across Ontario have pledged to walk out of class this afternoon to protest changes to the province's curriculum.