Zach Goudie picks the top videos of 2013

This news year was one filled with variety - everything from sinister-looking fog to a cute baby moose hitching a ride - and CBC's Zach Goudie shares his top 10 picks for the whole year.
Watch as CBC's Zach Goudie takes you through the list of the top videos of the year from our site. 4:27

This news year was one filled with variety, everything from sinister-looking fog to a cute baby moose hitching a ride, and CBC's ZachGoudie shares his top 10 picks for the whole year.

CBC rescues balloonist

The first video opening up the list was also a first for us, when a helicopter commissioned by CBC brought reporter Lindsay Bird to the rescue of a stranded balloonist.

Jonathan Trappe was attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean but was forced to land in a remote area on the west coast of Newfoundland.

CBC commissioned the helicopter to conduct an aerial survey of the area, but happened upon Trappe in the woods and landed to pick him up.

"I've never been so glad to see the media," Trappe said.

Salmon Festival aerial shot

The next video in the list is from this year's Salmon Festival, which ended in controversy.

Once again, reporter Lindsay Bird hopped in a chopper to bring viewers a unique view of what the crowd at this year's concert looked like.

Many attendees later complained that the festival was poorly managed, and said organizers were seriously underprepared to accommodate so many people, even running out of bottled water for sale.

It seems fitting that for a reporter named Bird, her contributions for this list both come from the sky.

Anderson, Simon sealer donation

The most recent addition to the list is the ill-fated cheque presentation from Canadian actress Pamela Anderson and Sam Simon, one of the creators of The Simpsons.

Simon and Anderson were in St. John's to present a cheque for $1-million to the Canadian Sealers Association, if the sealers would retire.

Their conference was interrupted when This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Mark Critch decided to present his own cheque.

Plane crash survivor

In the next spot is the video featuring shots of Asiana Fight 214 after it crashed, along with an interview with a woman from here who was on board when the plane went down.

Mandy McLean, from western Newfoundland, was asleep in her seat when she was jolted awake.

"The oxygen masks came down, and there [were] just things flying all over the place. I was really disoriented, had no idea where we were. I assumed we were still in the air and had hit something, and I was sure we were going to die."

Wingman for hire

Our next video featured a first for many people in St. John's, as it featured the city's first professional wingman.

Ted Bursey said for $25 an hour plus the cost of drinks he'll help anyone fit in downtown St. John's.

"It's for people who are new to the city, especially baymen coming into St. John's," Bursey added, referring to rural Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Downtown destruction

Video of a raging fire on Duckworth St. in the downtown core of St. John's that destroyed three buildings took the next spot in the list.

The area was closed off for several days as crews worked to clean up the mess left behind.

The Oxfam building was one of those destroyed in the fire. Representative Bill Hynd said more than 40 years of the organization's history was destroyed in the flames.

What's this, I caught a shark?

A story of a boat of fishermen out to catch some cod this summer took a quick turn when one of them hooked what they first thought was ground.

Fred Humber, from Spaniard's Bay, said he was sure he hooked a log when he struggled to pull his line out of the water, but had the surprise of his life when a six-foot shark popped up out of the water.

Humber said he and his fellow fishers were shocked at first, but acted quickly to free the underwater predator so it could go about its business.

"Off went Mr. Shark, and we were thrilled. And I’m sure Farley Mowat would have been thrilled as well," Humber said.

Iceberg attractions

A record year for icebergs on the Northern Peninsula attracted tourists to the province from all over the globe, and our video of the icebergs attracted viewers from all over, too.

Paul Alcock of Northland Discovery Boat Tours told CBC that people from Germany, Honduras, and Florida were calling to book tours.

There's no doubt that these mammoths are a real draw, be it in person or in video.

Baby moose hitchhiker

A video of a baby moose getting a ride to the Gander SPCA in an RCMP car was a huge hit across the web.

The little guy, later named Apple, was discovered on the side of the road near Appleton crying for his mother.

Animal lovers across the web soaked up every ounce of cute in the video, and it made the moose an internet celebrity in the province.

Monster fog a monster hit

Those videos were all pretty memorable, but it was the YouTube video of fog rolling in over Lark Harbour from user Perry709 that takes the top prize this year.

The Stephen King-esque scene in Lark Harbour captivated viewers, and the video has reached over 1-million views on YouTube.

With the exception of the fog rolling in over the Long Range Mountains, the scene was blue skies and sunshine, making for a creepy contrast.