Zach Goudie

Zach Goudie is a journalist and video producer with CBC in St. John's, NL.

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Shadow puppets tell a spooky tale of fun and love in new outdoor play

There’s a shadow hanging over the world of theatre these days. But this weekend, you can take in a brand new play where the shadows come to life, and you can watch in the safety of the outdoors.

YouTuber highlighting the perks of life in St. John's for immigrants

Kesiya Sebastien became a YouTuber to share her story, of immigrating from India to St. John's. Now her videos are earning tens of thousands of views, and encouraging people all over the world to make Atlantic Canada their home.

How many people wear masks in N.L.?

Masks have become a symbol of the pandemic, now they’re becoming law in some of Canada’s biggest cities. But in this province, even health experts say they don’t see many people wearing them.

Quarantunes: Have a listen to N.L.'s original songs of the pandemic

Musicians have always responded to hard, hard times by putting pen to paper and picking up an instrument. Now, bedroom players and pickers are carrying on that tradition and sharing songs of loss, loneliness and heroism inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

Best footie forward: C.B.S. kids lace up in the living room for virtual soccer

The pandemic pushed them off the field, but the CBS Strikers are keeping kids in the game. Welcome to virtual soccer.

Pandemic style guide: You were brave enough to share your home haircuts

The salons and barbershops are closed, but hair just keeps growing. People everywhere are grabbing scissors, razors and even bowls, and taking matters into their own hands. These are the results.

At Stella's Circle, mobile phones and smart TVs aren't luxuries — they're lifelines

Some of the most vulnerable people in St. John’s who "are isolated at the best of times" have a new way to stay connected during the pandemic, Zach Goudie writes.

Digital disconnect: How poor people are isolated because they don't have online access

While many people are coping with the pandemic by staying glued to their phones and computer screens, an anti-poverty activist in St. John's is warning that low-income Canadians are caught on the wrong side of a digital divide.

Got the winter blues? Here's some animated advice

It's been a long winter, and it's natural to feel a little flat. Pop a bag of storm chips and pick yourself up with this charming animation. You'll leave feeling ready to hug a snowman.
Point of View

Are all snow stories… kinda the same?

Every snowflake is unique and special, but from Zach Goudie's perspective, every story about a major snowfall fits a certain pattern.

Singing in sign language: Meet the 1st deaf choir in Newfoundland and Labrador

Even if you don't know sign language, you can hear the music of the deaf choir. The members joined for a one-time performance, but realized they had something special.

How to fight hunger: A look inside your local food bank

Keeping food on the table for those in need takes hundreds of unseen hands. We'll show you how it's done, who's going hungry, and what you can do to help.

How a fire at at St. John's food bank warmed hearts across the province

In early 2019, disaster struck the Community Food Sharing Association. Its warehouse, and all the food inside, was destroyed by fire. But just as quickly, the community came to the rescue. As part of CBC's Warm Hearts campaign, we're looking back on one of the biggest news stories of the year.

What makes the watchmaker tick? 20 years of Grand Time

Barry Strickland and Rachel Jenni-Strickland are celebrating two decades behind the counter at Grand Time, their tiny watch-shop in downtown St. John's. But with Apple Watches and Fitbits competing for our wrists, is time running out on old fashioned watches?

From class project to St. John's tech startup: meet Creatros

St. John's may be a long way from Silicon Valley, but there's no better place to build a tech company, say the three founders of Creatros.