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Yuk Yuk's comedy club closes in St. John's

The head of the Canadian Yuk Yuk's comedy chain confirmed Thursday that the St. John's club has closed.
The Yuk Yuk's St. John's location, on Kenmount Road, didn't bring in enough paying customers. (Google Street View)

The Yuk Yuk's comedy club in St. John's has closed, the company confirmed to CBC News Thursday.

The company's National President Jeff Silverman said in an interview that the company decided to close the club following a prolonged financial struggle.

He said the local club had difficulty finding paying customers for its shows.

"We closed the club. We took it down on the Internet. We took it down on Twitter, and we're looking for a new location," Silverman said.

"We've been there many, many years in St. John's, and we want to re-open. We're going to start looking for someone who has a proper venue, about 200 seats, and wants to fill their clubs on a weekend."

Calls to the local club and restaurant were not returned immediately on Thursday.