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Our stunning photo selections of the year: N.L., as seen by you, in 2016

When it comes to stunning scenic views and every-day life around Newfoundland and Labrador in 2016, our audience has quite an eye.

Our audience shares a lot of photos with us; here are just a few sent to us this year

The CBC Newfoundland and Labrador audience shares a lot of photos with us. Like, a lot.

Stunning scenery, wild animals, happy kids and rough seas — all things Newfoundland and Labrador are represented in our audience-submitted photo galleries.

We've gone through the hundreds of photos shared with us during 2016 and selected just a tiny portion to show off, as we wrap up 2016.

Happy scrolling!


Looking for a winter wonderland? Newfoundland and Labrador in January has it nailed.

Quidi Vidi in the nighttime. (Submitted by Fred Woodman)
A dizzying look at the Cape Spear Lighthouse on Jan. 6. (Submitted by Michael Allan O'Reilly)
Charlene and Stephen Twine were out for a snowshoe in Labrador City, when they captured this great shot. (Submitted by Charlene and Stephen Twine)
A great shot from Darren Freeman, taken recently in Musgrave Harbour. (Submitted by Darren Freeman )
Skaters on Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John's. (Submitted by Perry J. Howlett)
The magical road to the Ferryland Lighthouse, as captured by Gerard Gale. (Submitted by Gerard Gale)
A lovely evening in Pleasantville. (Submitted by Erik McLean)
Beautiful day for a walk in Brigus! (Submitted by Theresa Earle)
Calm before the storm? (Submitted by Jody Martin)
It was a breezy day in Trepassey. (Submitted by Interactive Design)


Stunning skyscapes and drying cod. Some photos from our audience, shared with us in February.

A lovely image of the lower Battery area of St. John's. (Submitted by Elbonita Kozhani)
Josh Bingle writes, 'It may be cold in Western Labrador but sights like this make it a little more bearable.' This photo was taken on Feb. 7. (Submitted by Josh Bingle )
'Stars fade away as dawn breaks at the most easterly point in North American. Thanks to Brad James, who took this magical photo. (Brad James)
Jessica Penney captured this beautiful photo of Tom Brown's stage, in Fogo. (Submitted by Jessica Penney)
A beautiful photo of the Cape Spear Lighthouse, from Adam Tucker. (Submitted by Adam Tucker )
Quidi Vidi on a sunny day. It's a view we never seem to get tired of. (Submitted by Jasmine Murrins)
John Cabot and the iceberg, Feb. 23, 2016. (Submitted by Eric Abbott)
Clifford Doran snapped this photo of codfish that was hung to dry, at Cape Race. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)


Scroll through the snowscapes and winter fun seen in the photos submitted to us during March.

A lovely sunrise over York Harbour in early March. (Submitted by Donny Mullins)
Darren Freeman took this pic in Lumsden. He says it's what happens when you get freezing rain, followed by snow and seashore frost. A most interesting photo! (Submitted by Darren Freeman)
An idyllic setting on Sunday morning, in North Arm, Holyrood. (Submitted by Tom Piercey)
Robert Bartlett captured this photo in Elliston. (Submitted by Robert Bartlett)
Picnic, anyone? Taken near Heart's Desire. (Submitted by Jean Elliott)
Winter-loving pooch Hank enjoys a good shake after a romp in the snow. (Submitted by April Pink)
A root cellar and an iceberg, in this photo from Bernice Goudie. Take in Elliston. (Submitted by Bernice Goudie)
Ulf Teschendorff captured some wave action, just north of Barr'd Harbour on Route 430. (Submitted by Ulf Teschendorff)
Kenneth Williams took this lovely photo in Square Islands, Labrador. (Submitted by Kenneth Williams )
Taken in Reidville, by Kathleen Andrews. (Submitted by Kathleen Andrews)


Snow, to slush, to puddles. Check out winter's last hurrah, and the start of spring 2016.

Donnie O'Keefe took this awesome shot during Race on the Rock event at Marble Mountain. (Submitted by Donnie O'Keefe)
A peaceful evening in Pouch Cove. (Submitted by Jason Drake)
Got milk? Randy Whitten captured this awesome photo recently at Cape Spear. (Submitted by Randy Whitten )
Nicolas Soleri, from St-Pierre-Miquelon, shared this photo of the La Manche Bridge. (Submitted by Nicolas Soleri)
A sure sign of spring is kids like Raylee splashing in the puddles of melting snow. (Submitted by Christine Saunders)
Landfall's Kent Cottage in Brigus, as captured by Theresa Earle. (Submitted by Theresa Earle)
A wintry scene in Terra Nova. (Submitted by Stephen Maher)
Who goes there? Ferne Williams says it was 'a treat' to come across a snowy owl last week. (Submitted by Ferne Williams)
Great shot from Alick Tsui, as the fog slowly moved into St. John's on Saturday afternoon. (Submitted by Alick Tsui )
A grand photo from Julian Earle, taken recently in Twillingate. (Submitted by Julian Earle)


Spring into sunshine and summer weather. A look at Newfoundland and Labrador in May.

A beautiful photo from Nicole Delaney, taken at Red Rocks beach in St. George's on Saturday. (Submitted by Nicole Delaney)
Annie Baker captured a photo of these caribou in St. Paul's on Friday. (Submitted by Annie Baker )
Alick Tsui snapped this photo while out for a hike on the East Coast Trail, in the Torbay/Flatrock area. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)
Enter on the left if you're short or the right if you're tall. This root cellar in Twillingate is one size fits all. Thanks for the photo, Steve Gilbert! (Steve Gilbert )
These eagles worked together to feed their eaglets on the Cuckold's Cove Trail this week. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)
The dandelion is a familiar sight this time of year! Donny Mullins captured this photo of Bottle Cove on the May 24th weekend. (Submitted by Donny Mullins )
Karlyk Estabrooks was out in a canoe on Jean Lake, Wabush, and took this fantastic photo. She writes: 'We were just playing around with some bubbles and I managed to snap that picture!' (Submitted by Karly Estabrooks )
A rabbit, hanging out in Zach Bonnell's backyard in Gander. (Submitted by Zach Bonnell)


Just call us iceberg alley.

Bell Island on a summer day. (Submitted by Elbonita Kozhani)
The East Coast Trail, somewhere between Broyle and Calvert. (Submitted by Jason Edwards)
A lovely shot from Newfoundland-born, Calgary-living Natasha Pickett ( Submitted by Natasha Pickett)
Portal to Iceberg Alley. (Submitted by Julian Earle)
Want to see icebergs? The shoreline of St. Anthony's got them in spades! (Submitted by Dwayne Cull)
Strawberry moon with the Republic of Newfoundland flag in in the foreground. Taken in St. John's. (Submitted by Chris Rose )
No need to guide ships to shore when it's all beautiful blue skies at the Ferryland Lighthouse. (Submitted by William Flynn)
The most hardcore surfer out there, in New Melbourne, Trinity Bay. (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)
Fog in Norris Point. (Submitted by Brandon Blair )
Scott Marks took this photo on Saturday, in Jackson's Cove. He wrote: We called it 'Nessie the Lochness Iceberg!' (Submitted by Scott Marks )
Such a pretty pic, taken on the path to the beach in Whiteway. (Submitted by Laura Gulliver Keating )


Scroll through scenes seen across the province in July if you need a reason for a vacation — or staycation — in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Chad Peddle took this photo near the boat launch in Grand Falls-Windsor. Beautiful! (Submitted by Chad Peddle )
A stunning shot from Cain Power, taken during sunrise Saturday at Torbay Point. (Submitted by Cain Power)
Meg Schwartz captured this beauty while relaxing in Snug Harbour, Gros Morne National Park. (Submitted by Meg Schwartz)
The eastern tip of Bell Island. (Submitted by Douglas Barnes)
A tropical-looking view of sun-drenched Flatrock Harbour. (Submitted by James Fewer)
'This is where I like to see moose,' wrote Charles Ryan - about an hour's quad ride away from Robert's Arm! (Submitted by Charles Ryan)
Not all the boats were in the water on the Irish Loop. (Submitted by Zach Bonnell)
A few people gathered on the shore at Fort Point, Trinity to see whales. (Submitted by Paul Dolk)
Beverley Snow figures this seal was trying to catch a few rays on top of an iceberg in St. Anthony Bight. (Submitted by Beverley Snow)
Linda Smith Delaney says this is a "little piece of heaven" from her back door in Cavendish. (Submitted by Linda Smith Delaney )
Chad Peddle took this photo earlier in the week, on a lovely evening in Bishop's Falls. (Submitted by Chad Peddle )


Pretty as a picture is how you could describe Newfoundland and Labrador in August.

The spectacular formation that gives Dungeon Provincial Park, on the Bonavista Peninsula, its name. (Submitted by Dolores Cooper)
You never know what you're going to see while you're out for a drive! Hope Skinner took this pic while en route to Conne River. (Submitted by Hope Skinner )
Wow. Gord Follett calls this photograph, 'Salt Harbour Reflections.' (Gord Follett/Twitter)
The sea was less than calm when Gus Byrne got this shot, at Lake's Gut, Great Paradise. (Submitted by Gus Byrne)
Sinéad McGrath wrote that these sheep were 'baaa-ed' and escaped their garden in Tilting, on Fogo Island. (Submitted by Sinéad McGrath)
An amazing shot of Thursday night's electrical storm in St. John's, as seen from Bannerman Park. (Submitted by Chris Rose)
Grand Bruit, on the island's southwest coast. (Submitted by Lisa Vautier)
A nice shot of The Arches, on the Northern Peninsula. (Submitted by Ralph Spence)
A shot of the spectacular Torngat Mountains National Park. (Submitted by Mark MacPherson)
St. John's - as pretty as a picture! (Submitted by Robert Floyd)
A moose on the run near Trepassey. (Submitted by Linda Kenny)
Taking in the St. John's cityscape on a sunny day. (Submitted by Ronald O'Toole)


A mix of grey and blue skies — and grey and blue water — in a beautiful selection of September photos from our audience.

The East Coast Trail, near Tors Cove. (Submitted by Stephen Jessome)
Ferne Williams shared this photo of her haul from blueberry picking earlier this month! Tis' the season... (Submitted by Ferne Williams)
What a day in Green Bay. (Submitted by Tonya Pelley)
A great hike, with a great view: the Copper Mine Trail in the Bay of Islands. (Submitted by Tara Noseworthy)
Linda Kenny shared this photo a young puffin she picked up along her drive on a lawn in Witless Bay. Like Linda, we hope the plucky little creature survives! (Submitted by Linda Kenny)
The fog only adds to the beautiful scenery in Conche on the Northern Peninsula. (Submitted by Brenda Power)
A spectacular September day in Twillingate. (Submitted by Julian Earle)
From Torbay, an equine shot to treasure. (Submitted by Allyssia Beevor)
Keith Goodyear captured this scene at Balls Pond, near the Humber Valley Resort, just before a downpour. (Submitted by Keith Goodyear)
Up close and personal! Here's a shot of a young moose calf at the Salmonier Nature Park. (Submitted by Vanessa Mooney)


The cutest moose hunter, rushing seas, snowfall and autumn hikes — just some of what our audience saw in October.

Theresa Earle took this beautiful photo while walking through Brigus this weekend. (Submitted by Theresa Earle)
Beulah Drake snapped this lovely photo from the boardwalk in Harbour Breton. (Submitted by Beulah Drake )
Samantha Keough celebrated a grand hike this weekend to Chrome Point, close to Lewis Hills in Cold Brook - and almost as high! (Submitted by Michelle MacIsaac )
A gorgeous fall day to be outside. Heather Goobie took this beauty in Gander. (Submitted by Heather Goobie)
A stunning shot from Draper Hollett, taken in Nain. (Submitted by Draper Hollett)
The sea washes against the rocks just outside of Fermeuse Harbour. (Submitted by Linda Kenny)
Can you see the tiniest pumpkin in Taylor's U-Pick patch? Folashayo is three months old, and is the daughter of Ashley Clarke and Awowale Awonuga. (Submitted by Ashley Clarke)
Donna Allard says she waited two hours for this shot, taken in Wabush. Beautiful! (Submitted by Donna Allard)
Looks like this little guy got his moose! Taken in Gallants. (Submitted by Matthew E. Boland)


From colourful picnic tables to snowy mountains of Gros Morne; from Peter Pan to a snowy Greenspond. Some of what our audience saw in November shows how varied N.L. weather can be.

Fall finally arrived here at Natuashish, photo by Nachelle Poker. (Submitted by Aaron Poker)
Great drive through Gros Morne National Park. Here's looking at Killdevil Mountain. (Submitted by Donnie O'Keefe)
'This was taken in Pippy Park. I guess all the picnic tables are snugged away for the winter. Of course, there are those of us who might just need a place to enjoy a muffin and hot cocoa while on a winter walk.' (Submitted by Ferne Williams)
Father Troy Trail Torbay. (Submitted by Bernadette Reddy)
Winter is coming to Marble Mountain. (Submitted by Donnie O'Keefe)
'The Peter Pan Statue in Bowring Park taken on a foggy evening. Reminds of the little feet in little rubber boots running around and feeding the ducks.' (Submitted by Jason Edwards)
Quidi Vidi, after the snow. (Submitted by Michael Winsor)
A wintry Greenspond. (Submitted by Michael Winsor Photography)


Mummers puppies and tea in a cozy kitchen. What's not to love about December?

A beautiful evening to be in Frenchman's Cove, as shared with our friends at Land & Sea. (Courtesy Donny Mullins )
Bay of Exploits is starting to freeze up already. Taken on the Pendragon Trail in Northern Arm. (Submitted by Linda Lane)
Looks like winter has come to Cape St Francis. (Submitted by Jason Edwards)
Mummers around town in St. John's, during the annual Mummers Festival. (Submitted by William Speake)
'It's stormy on the Avalon, but it's a beautiful day on the GNP (Great Northern Peninsula)! I'm home visiting my parents in Ship Cove, Cape Onion. The harbour is calm and the sun is shining through my mom's window as we enjoy some tea and buns.' (Submitted by Tiffany Taylor)
Neil Targett writes, 'This is our Newfoundland dog Ruby coming inside from the storm on Friday in Corner Brook. One gal who doesn't mind the weather!' (Submitted by Neil Targett)
A fresh snowfall made everything in Massey Drive glisten. (Submitted by Shannon Stevens)