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As the wood turns: into bowls, bottle stoppers, and funky decorations

David Press of Two Turners woodcrafting enjoys finding the useful and the beautiful in pieces of wood.

What is David Press at? Chipping away in search of the useful and the beautiful

David Press enjoys finding the beautiful and useful elements in wood as he works at the craft of wood turning. (Mark Cumby/CBC)

David Press is a longtime practitioner of the craft of woodturning, and he is surrounded by proof of his passion. 

"I like taking a piece of wood, finding what's in it, and either making something that's beautiful or something that's useful," says Press.

"Or, when I'm really lucky, it's both."

David Press and Pete Stanbridge of Two Turners have created these funky and functional items. (Mark Cumby/CBC)

Woodturning involves using a lathe to transform a square piece of wood into a smooth object, usually with rounded corners, by spinning and chiseling the wood to shape it.  

Many years of turning wood 

Press first got into the craft of woodturning when he was a teenager, watching his father practicing the art in the family basement.

He started woodturning seriously about 25 years ago.

Press is a longtime member of the Avalon Woodturners' Guild, and he is one-half of Two Turners, along with fellow wood turner Pete Stanbridge.  

Together, the duo brings their wood turned bowls, bottle stoppers and funky decorative mushrooms to craft fairs all over the Avalon Peninsula.

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