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When life hands you snow, take pictures

Residents of central and western Newfoundland sent us photos of the stormy spring day.

Check out these photos of the May 24 blast of winter

Loyal CBC listener Barry Porter, who lives in Porterville, just drove back from Fort McMurray to find this in his back yard. On his birthday! (Submitted by Barry Porter )

You know the old adage about snow in May ... that the fluffy white stuff could be collected and kept, as it was thought to have healing powers to cure sore eyes.

Residents of central and western Newfoundland have a lot to work with after the record amount that fell on May 24. 

Even the stop sign in Triton couldn’t take the May 24th storm! (Submitted by Michael Roberts )

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Rodney Barney, 36 centimetres fell by 12:30 p.m. Thursday. 

Many people reached for their cameras, and we've put together a photo gallery ... just so you can take it all in.

Wade Verge of Lumsden sent us this awesome photo and wrote, 'Great having my coffee outside this morning.' (Submitted by Wade Verge)

This deck petty well sums up what morning looked like in central Newfoundland on Thursday. (Twitter/@Isotachtics)

A before and after shot that says it all. (Submitted by Krista Escott)
Winter forgot it was way too late to the party in Lewisporte. (Submitted by Enas ALhussainy)

January ... or May? Kayla Howell took this pic in Gander. (Submitted by Kayla Howell)
Even the shovel has had enough! Shawn Stagg sent us this pic, taken in Lumsden on Thursday morning. (Submitted by Shawn Stagg)
This was Carol-Ann Cole's view this morning, in Grenfell Heights, Grand Falls-Windsor. (Submitted by Carol-Ann Cole)
Gnome more snow please! Beverly Young snapped this photo in Pasadena. (Submitted by Beverly Young)
Hmmm ... likely that Jenn Humphries and her family won't be having that BBQ for supper. (Submitted by Jenn Humphries)
That boat should be readying for the water - not the snow! Wilson Freake took this snap in Bread and Cheese Cove, Loon Bay. (Submitted by Wilson Freake )
When Viola Luedee of Gander took this photo on Thursday morning, about 32 cm of snow had fallen. (Submitted by Viola Luedee)