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Williams Harbour votes 96% in favour of relocation, only 1 'no' vote

Of the 26 residents eligible to vote, 25 have voted in favour of relocation in the small Labrador community of Williams Harbour.

Court proceedings could slow down relocation process, 2 families say they qualify to vote

Ninety-six per cent have voted in favour of relocating from Williams Harbour seen in this archival photo. (CBC)

Residents in the small Labrador community of Williams Harbour have mostly voted in favour of relocation.

Of the 26 people eligible to vote, 25 said 'yes' to relocating — about 96 per cent.

In order for a community to avail of government's relocation program, 90 per cent of eligible residents have to vote in favour.
Williams Harbour is located along the coast of Labrador. (Google Maps)

However, there could be a delay with the relocation proceedings, as two families are suing the provincial government over residency status.

The two families claim they have been improperly classified as not being permanent residents, which means they were unable to vote in the process and they could miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2013, the province hiked the maximum payout per household in relocated communities to $270,000.

There are 14 households in Williams Harbour.

With files from Bailey White and Rob Antle


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