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Whales of the week: Watch videos captured around Newfoundland

CBC NL received some great videos of whales spotted off shores around Newfoundland. Watch the videos here!

Pouch Cove Orcas

Here and Now

5 years ago
Maureen Griffiths came across these Orcas between Flatrock and Pouch Cove. 1:14

It has been a big few weeks for whale watchers around Newfoundland and Labrador, as a number of humpbacks and orcas were spotted and captured on film.

Maureen Griffiths spied a pod of orca whales on Saturday on the water between Pouch Cove and Flatrock, as the animals followed along side of her boat. Watch the great video above!

Orcas up close

Here and Now

5 years ago
These lucky people had an up close encounter with a group of Orcas. 0:51

Three humpbacks were spotted by Grant Cudmore as he spent the afternoon kayaking near the breaching whales. 

Cudmore said he is always a little fearful of the animals while on the water, but he has faith in his abilities and the whales' awareness. He said a little fear makes the experiences sweeter.

Humpback whales

Here and Now

5 years ago
Grant Cudmore captured some amazing footage of 3 humpback whales feeding in Trinity. 0:55

The sound of a 94-year-old make-and-break engine can be heard in this video posted by YouTube user Twillingater as a pod of orcas swims right by the small boat. 

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