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A look at the flood, ice damage on Newfoundland's west coast

These pictures show the extent of the destruction left in the wake of rain, fast-melting snow and ice jams.

Homes, roads and other infrastructure have been destroyed

Flooding in Benoit's Cove, one of the hardest hit areas. (Submitted by Kyle Lowe)

The cleanup continues after heavy rain and fast-melting snow caused massive damage on Newfoundland's west coast last weekend. Over the last few days, new problems emerged due to  rising levels of the Humber River, caused by ice jams.

Below are some of the most compelling images depicting the fierce weather and the aftermath.

The front step of the Jesso family home in Benoit's Cove (seen also in the photo above) was washed away last Saturday. (Submitted by Kyle Lowe)
It was an emotional day for Wally and Yvonne Jesso as they returned to their Benoit's Cove home, which was engulfed in water during heavy rainfall. (Gary Moore/CBC)
This image shows the extent of the destruction on Route 450 in the Bay of Islands. (N.L. Department of Transportation and Works)
Floodwaters surround homes and other buildings Sunday in Trout River, on Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula. (Twitter/@cormier_keith)
Uprooted mud and earth plunged down the hill into the back of Mildred Hackett's garage in Benoit's Cove. (Coleen Connors/CBC)
That muck and debris actually pushed Hackett's car out through the front door after slamming into her garage. (Coleen Connors/CBC)
A mudslide blocked the main road to and from Woody Point last weekend. (Beverly Burt/Facebook)
More culverts going in the ground on the TCH at Little Rapids. (N.L. Department of Transportation and Works/Twitter)
Robert and Nadine Delaney of Pasadena say the water damage to their basement is extensive. (Submitted by Nadine Delaney)
More damage of the Delaney's basement in Pasadena after a foot of water flooded in. (Submitted by Nadine Delaney)
Water levels in Corner Brook were dangerously high last Saturday, as seen here in Margaret Bowater Park. (Submitted by Cody Avery)
Crews with the province's department of transportation and works do repair work on the Trans-Canada Highway near Little Rapids. (Twitter/@TW_GovNL)
Ground under a section of the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Little Rapids had washed away, leaving the road in danger of collapsing. (Submitted by Sandy Dunphy)
A view underneath a section of washed-out highway near Little Rapids, N.L. (Submitted by Sandy Dunphy)
Deep meltwater covers the road in Halfway Point. (Submitted by Cody Avery)
Heavy equipment was called in to keep Jakeman All Grade School in Trout River from sliding into the water. (Submitted by Tina Crocker)
There's not much room for students to walk between Trout River's school and the river itself. (Submitted by Tina Crocker)

Marble Mountain worked quickly to deal with the major damage caused by water and mud. (Twitter/Donnie O'Keefe)

Water and mud made a mess of Marble Mountain Resort last weekend, but some slopes opened Thursday. (Marble Mountain Facebook)
On the weekend, Ethan Brake and his brother were using a rubber dinghy to cross this area in Trout River to get home. On Monday, they were skating on it. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)
The deck from someone's house or cabin is seen floating in the Humber River near Shellbird Island. Residents living along the Humber reported seeing decks and other items floating down the river Tuesday afternoon and evening. (Brandon Sparkes)
Waters from the swollen Humber River threatened to overtake resident Angie Moss's yard. (Eddy Kennedy/CBC)
Float plane hangers were partially submerged in rising waters of Deer Lake earlier this week. (CBC)
Ice was flowing down the Humber River near the Nicholsville bridge this week, but ice jams became the new concern. (Instagram/@janakendall)
More of the bank slid into the Humber River Thursday, prompting town officials to remind residents to stay alert and be prepared to evacuate if necessary. (John Pike/CBC)

With files from Colleen Connors