Wanted Outlaws biker appears in court

A member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club who is charged with assaulting two RCMP officers appeared in a Gander courtroom Tuesday afternoon.
Patrick Wallace Bemister is charged with assaulting two off-duty police officers in Gander. (CBC)

An Outlaws Motorcycle Club member charged with assaulting two RCMP officers appeared in a Gander courtroom Tuesday.

Patrick Bemister, 26, turned himself in to police late Monday afternoon after a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for him.

The Grand Falls-Windsor man is accused of attacking two off-duty officers and threatening to kill them during a bar fight in Gander in late September.

Bemister is also charged with assault with a weapon against a female bartender in a separate incident. He remains in custody and is due back in court on Friday, possibly to seek bail.

The RCMP is still investigating an assault on a third officer.

Neighbourhood tensions

The Outlaws recently opened a clubhouse in a Gander strip mall, making some residents and business owners nervous.

But Garry Blackwood, an Outlaws member from Musgrave Harbour, stated on Facebook that residents have nothing to fear.

"We aren't selling drugs or guns. We're not into prostitution. We are family men and most of us have good jobs," Blackwood said in one post.

"What happened at the bar was just a couple of drunken off-duty, plain-clothes cops that don't like us who started a fight with one of our members."

Blackwood also stated Gander residents should feel welcome to stop by the clubhouse to get to know the members.