Nfld. & Labrador

Long in the tooth in Brigus South: walrus spotted sunbathing on the rocks

Four visitors from Victoria, British Columbia, happened upon a walrus sunning itself in Brigus South.

The animal lifted its head to greet the photographer and then went back to relaxing.

This walrus was having a leisurely afternoon on the warm rocks in Brigus South on Aug. 21. (Simon Bruce-Lockhart)

Four visitors from Victoria, B.C. might now have one of the best Newfoundland and Labrador marine life photos of the summer.

And it's not a picture of a whale.

Simon Bruce-Lockhart and three companions were out for a walk today in Brigus South when they saw something bright on the rocks below.

They thought it might be a log.

Curious, they walked toward it.

"It was a walrus, lying on its back, seeming to enjoy the sun," said Bruce-Lockhart.

"First we wondered is he alive and he was certainly alive," he said. "We clapped our hands, we made a little noise, and he sort of lifted his head and looked at us and then put his head back down."

And that was all the energy the sunbathing walrus was willing to exert for them.