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It's voting season. Here's The Outhouse's guide to ticking the box

This one's for grown-ups. If you're not old enough to vote, you've been warned.

This one's for grown-ups, so if you're not old enough to vote, you've been warned

Does the idea of heading to the ballot box make you sigh?

Can't be bothered figuring out who's running in your district?

We asked the comics at The Outhouse to help.

Here's their step-by-step guide to voting for the bored, listless or uninitiated.

This is the video version, but if you're really lazy, we've also outlined their guide below. It just won't be as funny.

Step 1

First, you need to register.

You can do that on voting day. But elections officials warn it will prolong your time at the poll station.

Plus, you'll need to remember photo identification with your address and signature.

If you'd rather just vote and leave, you can register online first. It'll get you back to the shed quicker.

Step 2

Already registered? Good. Now you get to find out whether you're on the voters list.

You can call Elections N.L. at 1-877-729-7987 or email and ask for confirmation.

Generally, if you're on the voters list, you'll get a little reminder card in the mail that tells you where the closest poll station is.

That should further reduce the amount of time needed to carry out your civic duty.

Give elections workers a call if you just turned 18, have a new address, you're a recent come-from-away, or you've changed your name.

Step 3

There are a few requirements you have to meet to cast your vote.

You need to be 18, a Canadian citizen, reside somewhere in the province as of the day before election day, and a resident of your district as of election day.

So if you aren't all of these things, you probably wasted your time with the other steps.


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