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'Predatory, violent' acts of sex offender detailed in parole board documents

The Parole Board of Canada lists many reasons why it denied Dennis Murphy early release in December 2018. His sentence is up, but the RNC recently arrested him in Paradise for breaching conditions.

RNC warn public about Dennis Murphy, 59, due to high-risk safety concerns upon his release

The RNC issued a public advisory late Friday regarding the release of high-risk violent sex offender Dennis Murphy. (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary)

When Dennis Peter Murphy finished his most recent federal sentence and went to live in Paradise, the RNC warned people to watch out for the violent sex offender due to his high risk of attacking young, vulnerable women again. 

Police arrested him within 48 hours of issuing that warning Friday night, as 59-year-old Murphy allegedly breached two conditions of his release. 

Murphy left Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick in May with a long list of conditions after serving his time for sex offences against a young woman — committed just days after being released for the same such offences.

But before that, he asked for parole — and in a seven-page decision the Parole Board of Canada unequivocally denied that request on Dec. 13. 

"You have an established pattern of recurring sexual offences and serious harm involving children under 18," the board wrote.

It also noted Murphy had an established pattern of these crimes, which "have caused serious harm … over a lengthy period of time against a young and vulnerable victim."

Murphy punched, choked teen

As the report detailed, Murphy served a second federal term of six years for sexual exploitation and breach of recognizance. In November 2012, his victim disclosed to a school counsellor that Murphy had approached her in September 2011 and offered her money for her phone number, then money and drugs to meet him, followed by asking her for sexual favours in return for money and drugs. 

She was held captive in a vehicle and was pinned by you without being able to leave.- Parole Board of Canada

He's described as manipulative and predatory, with a history of "seeking out young vulnerable females, often under 18," and giving them money, alcohol and/or drugs in exchange for sexual favours.

He also has a history of ignoring court orders requiring him to stay away from girls under 18, a condition that he is currently required to observe. 

"Police report you have served 15 different provincial sentences of varying lengths in three provinces," the report stated. 

Murphy served his sentence at Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick. (CBC News )

Murphy's first federal sentence started in September 2009 for a sexual assault against an 18-year-old woman. 

"[She] alleges that you have punched her in the face, knocked her out, and choked her; she was held captive in a vehicle and was pinned by you without being able to leave, and her family members were criminally harassed and threatened," reads the report. 

First charge in 1985

In denying Murphy's parole request, the board referenced his charges that were either withdrawn or dismissed, going back to two counts of sexual intercourse with a female under 14 filed in 1985. 

"According to Correctional Service Canada (CSC) you have clearly demonstrated difficulties in controlling violent/sexual impulses towards children throughout your life, as evidenced by your extensive criminal record."

You threatened one of your victims of raping her, her sister and her mother and threatened to kill her father.- Parole Board of Canada

The victim of his most recent crime submitted a victim impact statement, which said Murphy's sexual assault has caused her to have suicidal thoughts.

Murphy has also been convicted of harassing and generating fear in his victims and their families. 

"According to file information, you made repeated phone calls to your victim's home; you threatened one of your victims of raping her, her sister and her mother and threatened to kill her father. This victim also provided information to police that you had assaulted and threatened her on more than one occasion."

Lack of remorse

Along with detailing the severity and repetition of Murphy's violent crimes, the parole board noted he largely views himself as the victim.

"In spite of your participation in programs, you seem to continue to struggle with insight into your sexual preference, still talk about your attraction to young, vulnerable women and continue to be indifferent to resulting consequences of your actions," the board stated, noting CSC believes Murphy is likely to commit another sexual offence against a young girl.

His parole officer said his request for parole was the first time he expressed remorse for having sex with young and vulnerable women, as his focus "was always that paying for sex [is] wrong."

The report said psychological assessments indicate Murphy has some insight into his risk factors, but denies some responsibility and blames his victims. He also has "distortions about sex with prostitutes," portraying himself as a victim of coercion and manipulation. When it comes to acknowledging issues with vulnerable, high-risk females, Murphy described himself as "caring too much" and "wanting to help women who are in need."

Therefore, the psychologist said, Murphy's risk for sexual reoffending is high, and is moderate for violent reoffending. He also exhibited inappropriate behaviour toward a female correctional officer, but told his parole officer that was "made up." 

Despite noting Murphy made some acknowledgements, had a letter of support from a family member and an opportunity to work with family member when released, the board said the fact Murphy's previous sentences did not deter him and his overall risk to once again inflict violence against young, vulnerable women is so high he should not have been released early, but by May, the man's sentence was finished. 

Murphy is due in provincial court in St. John's on Aug. 1 regarding two charges of breaching his recognizance. 

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