Sold-out show on Newfoundland's west coast as fans can't get enough of Kaetlyn Osmond

It's not cheap to pull off a figure skating event with a world champion.

Osmond arrived in Corner Brook without her skates, but they were delivered within hours

Kaetlyn Osmond poses with young figure skaters at the Corner Brook Civic Centre. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Kaetlyn Osmond's homecoming continues in Corner Brook and Grand Falls-Windsor this weekend, towns that paid thousands of dollars to bring in the figure-skating champion.

The 2018 world champion and Olympic gold medallist arrived in Corner Brook late Thursday night for a weekend of clinics and a performance at the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club's annual skating show.
Kaetlyn Osmond shows off a move on the ice on Friday. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

There were a few glitches. Osmond arrived without her luggage, including her skates, but the essential tools of her trade were delivered by the airline within a few hours.

All 2,500 seats at the Corner Brook Civic Centre will be full on Saturday evening. Young declined to reveal the exact cost of the show, but said if the production cost about $50,000, about one-third would go to the star.

Profits from the show Saturday will go back to the Silver Blades Figure Skating club for things like ice rentals and memberships, says coach Lisa Young. 

"It adds so much quality and excitement for skaters to be able to skate with a top skater that they look up to and admire," she said.

Rebecca Bennett (left) and Caylie Blake say that seeing Kaetlyn Osmond skate on the world stage is inspiring them to compete harder. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Training with the champ

The annual skating show is a chance for young skaters to show off what they've learned over the years, and on Friday many of them were training with Osmond at a private session, learning tricks from an athlete at the top of her game.

They've been preparing for the big show on Saturday all week long.

"She is coming from Marystown, such a little town in Newfoundland, and so am I," said 15-year-old skater Caylie Blake.

"It makes me feel like I can do so much more than I think I can." 
Beau Callahan has been skating since the age of two, and she's looking forward to skating with Kaetlyn Osmond on Saturday. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Beau Callahan, 7, was similarly excited by the opportunity to skate with one of her idols.

"It was really cool … because I was skating with a girl who won a gold medal at the Olympics," said Callahan.

"She taught me some really cool spins and exercises and lots of jumps."

Osmond will also perform in the annual ice show with the Sparkling Blades in Grand Falls-Windsor on Sunday.

With files from Colleen Connors