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Victim of brutal assault and robbery testifies at trial

The victim of a September 2012 attack in St. John's took the stand Wednesday in Provincial Court.
David Murray and Gordon Bishop are charged with stabbing and robbing another man in September 2012. (CBC)

The trial of Gordon Bishop and David Murray, accused of brutally stabbing and robbing a man last fall, continued in Provincial Court Wednesday. 

The assault happened in a residence on Craigmillar Avenue on Sept. 1, 2012.

The victim of the attack took the stand on Wednesday to tell his side of the story.  

The court was shown a knife blade that the victim says snapped off in his leg. Murray is accused of putting it there.

The victim said he knew Murray as 'the best kind.' He said they met three weeks before the assault, and Murray had been to his apartment several times.

He said he was on the couch when Murray and Bishop came to his apartment last September. It was friendly at first, until they got into the kitchen.

The victim said it was there that Murray grabbed him by the throat, grabbed the knife and said 'you are going to die today.'

He said as Murray was stabbing him, Bishop was punching him in the face, and they were both asking for his money.

The victim at first said he didn't have any – but then reached into his shorts pocket and gave them cash – between $400 and $700. He told the court the money came from selling his cab.

He said it all happened so fast he didn't have time to defend himself. The man was stabbed four times.

He added the pair took off, and he was left on the kitchen floor 'bleeding to death.' He used his cell phone to call 911, and an ambulance got there about 10 minutes later.

The Crown concluded questioning the witness Wednesday afternoon, but the defence didn't begin. 

Murray's lawyer told the court they have learned of new evidence and want to take a look at it before beginning cross-examination.

The trial will resume on Feb. 12.