VegFest in St. John's celebrates a plant-based lifestyle

More than 50 vendors showed off their vegan wares at the Remax Centre in St. John's on Saturday.

2nd local running of international event shows veganism growing in N.L.

Vegfest attendee gets a henna tattoo on Saturday. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, VegFest is the place to go.

More than 50 vendors showed off their vegan wares at the Remax Centre in St. John's on Saturday, and hundreds of people attended the second annual event. 

Different foods, clothing and skin care products were on display along with special guest speakers, prizes and music. 

"We are vegan and we want to spread the vegan message," said one of the organizers, Jackson McLean.

"We just want to show people how many options are out there for avoiding animals and being plant-based. Just kind of celebrating this way of living," he said. 

One of the organizers, Jackson McLean; seen here dressed as an avocado, estimates the number of attendees doubled from last year. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

McLean, who said he has been vegan for seven years, said the lifestyle is becoming more accepted in the capital city and he`s seen lots of changes in the last few years. 

"Seven years ago we didn't have any vegan restaurants and now we have one 100 per cent vegan restaurant, the Peaceful Loft," he said.

"A lot of restaurants have come out with separate vegan menus, so it's a lot easier to eat out."

For vegans attending the event, like Nicole Power, it's a great opportunity to see what options are available in St. John's.

More than 50 vendors showed off their goods at the event 1:37

"There really aren't very many vegan options around town a lot of the time so it's so great to see" Power said.

"All of these vendors coming together to show that we can have cruelty free products." 

Lifelong vegan Dash Malone, munching down on curry and hold multiple bags of vegan products, is pleased to see the community growing. 

"I am happy to see the community flourishing and more tasty treats being offered."

The Vegan Jetsetter offered up its clothing at VegFest. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)