Vandals hit the field at Bishop Feild Elementary in St. John's

To parent Brad Stone, it's a sight that is heartbreaking.

School council chair says parents raised $20K to turn rocky ground into safe play area

Tire tracks show where someone did doughnuts on the new sod at Bishop Feild Elementary in St. John's. (Cal Tobin/CBC News)

To parent Brad Stone, it's a sight that is heartbreaking.

Pristine sod laid in August at Bishop Feild Elementary in downtown St. John's was hit by vandals over the weekend.

"The principal was here multiple times during the summer to water it. She got a permit to use a fire hydrant," said Stone.

"And now the kids are finally able to be out here and be safe. And someone just came in and did some doughnuts, and tore it up in seconds."

Brad Stone, chair of the school council, says it's heartbreaking to see the vandalism after the hard work by parents to fix up the play area. (Cal Tobin/CBC News)

Stone, who is on the school council and has a child in Grade 5, said the area was rocky before the work. "It was pretty dangerous for the kids ... That's why they fundraised to fix everything."

One parent was able to get a government grant for $10,000 to help make it a better play area for the 310 students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. 

"The remaining $10,000, we had a fundraising gala that raised a lot of money. So, it all came from the parents and the community for the full $20,000," said Stone. 

The newly sodded area had been blocked off, but that didn't stop the vandalism.

Stone says some parts of the field may have to be resodded, but he's not sure there is time before winter. (Cal Tobin/CBC News)

"There was a rope that was set up to try and make sure that people didn't accidentally bring their cars on, because there is a parking lot right next to it," said Stone.

"So they had to cut the rope and pull it out, and then it back in the car. There was definitely intent to do it," he said.

Stone said the incident has been reported to the RNC, and they have been investigating in the neighbourhood.

Rope was removed from posts separating the field from the school's parking lot. (Cal Tobin/CBC News)

Stone says some sections might have to be sodded over again, but that poses some problems.

"We are into the school year, so do you tell kids we can't use the grass for the next couple of months we have before the snow," Stone asked. "Is there even enough time before the snow? I don't know?" 

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