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Unifor finally gets meeting with Dwight Ball over D-J Composites lockout

The labour war between Unifor and D-J Composites has taken a turn toward what the union has been asking for all along.

Lockout is currently at day 647

Several hundred people rallied in support of D-J Composite workers who have been locked out since December 2016. (CBC News)

The labour war between Unifor and D-J Composites has taken a turn toward what Unifor has been asking all along.

Unifor — which represents workers in Gander who have been without work for 647 days — has secured a meeting with Premier Dwight Ball.

An official in the premier's office told CBC News the meeting will take place on Monday. 

Unifor has long demanded that the Newfoundland and Labrador government intervene and force the two sides back to the bargaining table or forced arbitration.

Unifor national president Jerry Dias has been sharply critical of Ball, particularly at rally this week in Gander. 

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