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Iconic character in downtown St. John's passes away

Marilyn Hiscock, a familiar face on the streets of downtown St. John's and known to many simply as Trixie, has died.
Stephen Pittman posted his photo of Marilyn Hiscock, taken in downtown St. John's on a chilly morning last month, to a Facebook group in her memory. Pittman said he bought her a coffee when he noticed her sitting alone. (Stephen Pittman )

Marilyn Hiscock, a familiar face on the streets of downtown St. John's and known to many simply as Trixie, has died at the age of 64.

Family members confirmed that Hiscock passed away early Wednesday. 

Hiscock was known for her wild, white hair and a leopard-print coat, which she was fond of wearing year-round. She was also not ashamed to ask for money, and would carry on conversations with those who stopped to talk. 

Although she was a street lady, she was not homeless. Hiscock lived at a rooming house on William Street for 24 years.

St. John's photographer Robert Young took this picture of Marilyn Hiscock for his online project, the St. John's Character Collection. (Courtesy of Robert Young)
Carol-Ann Peters was Hiscock's landlady and friend.

"She was a beautiful woman, no matter what," said Peters. "And she went out in style, she was happy. Thank God for that."

Thousands post memories online

A Facebook page in Hiscock's memory that was created late Wednesday had attracted more than 4,000 likes by early Thursday morning.

Several people posted their memories of Hiscock, including her struggles with drinking and maintaining a family. 

Photographer Robert Young captured Hiscock's iconic style in a portrait for a series on St. John's characters.

"You'd see her almost every day, she was always extravagantly dressed with her marvellous fur coats, great big high-heel boots, really part of downtown," Young said. 

"You know, she wasn't a wealthy store owner or a famous politician, she was just a character in our lives, and I think people are going to miss her," said Young.

Funeral details have yet to be announced.


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