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Trevor Taylor resigns from N.L. cabinet

Transportation and Works Minister Trevor Taylor is leaving Newfoundland and Labrador politics.

Transportation and Works Minister Trevor Taylor is leaving Newfoundland and Labrador politics.

Taylor made the announcement at a hastily called news conference in St. John's on Thursday morning.

He told reporters he is leaving for personal reasons, saying that nine years in politics has put a tremendous strain on his family and personal life, and he is quitting to repair some of that damage.

"The worst part of this is the toll that it takes on your family," Taylor said. "The rest of it you can take.

Premier Danny Williams met with reporters shortly after Taylor's announcement, and said he was sad to see Taylor leave.

Williams credited Taylor with making a tremendous contribution to the province.

Taylor, a provincial Conservative MHA who represents the district of the Straits-White Bay North in the legislature, entered politics in January 2001.

Before that, he worked in the fishery, and was on the executive of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union.

Taylor said he still fully supports the Williams government and said he is not leaving because of any internal conflict.

The provincial government announced at the end of August that people in Flower's Cove, a small community in Taylor's district, would soon lose X-ray and lab services, as those medical services were being relocated to St. Anthony, a larger town about 100 kilometres away.

"I want to stress that this is a very personal decision. It has nothing to do with anything that has or is going on in government. You know, it's not a question of my support for the premier or the government," Taylor said.

"The time has come where I just want to get my personal life back in order."

Taylor said he is not interested in running federally, but instead has accepted a position with a non-profit organization that will focus on Arctic ecosystem management.

He has resigned as a cabinet minister immediately, but won't official step down until next week.