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Trevor Pardy trial: Jury hears disturbing 911 calls from night of shooting

Chilling 911 calls were entered into evidence on the first day of Trevor Pardy's murder trial in St. John's Wednesday.

WARNING: Contents of this story may be disturbing to some

Harrowing 911 recordings

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Listen to calls entered as evidence in St. John's first-degree murder trial. 3:37

Chilling 911 calls were entered into evidence on the first day of Trevor Pardy's murder trial in St. John's Wednesday.

Crown prosecutors allege Pardy arranged to met his ex-girlfriend Triffie Wadman on the pretext of paying her back money, but then shot her Oct. 1, 2011.

"My ex ... got a gun, he just shot me," Wadman is heard saying in a frantic 911 call after she was shot.

"He shot me. He shot me. I'm dying."

The calls were played to the 12-person jury in Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John's Wednesday afternoon.

'I love you. Goodbye.'

Pardy is standing trial for allegedly shooting Wadman on Boggy Hall Place in the west end of St. John's in October 2011. She later died in hospital.

Trevor Pardy is standing trial for the 2011 death of Triffie Wadman, 30. (CBC)

A man, who Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Sgt. Colin McNeil testified as being Pardy, was also heard on Wadman's call for help.

"All that for what?" the man alleged to be Pardy said.

"Triff look at me. Triff look at me. Look at me. I love you. Goodbye. Goodbye."

2nd call

In another 911 call, a man, alleged to be Pardy, said he had a dispute with his girlfriend and that she was shot.

"By accident," he said. "I'm going to kill myself now."

On the call, the dispatcher tries to convince Pardy to give him location so that emergency personnel could be dispatched.

Trevor Pardy trial

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5 years agoVideo
Crown prosecutors say Trevor Pardy shot Triffie Wadman and wouldn't let police reach her to administer medical treatment as she was dying on the ground. 0:42

"She's dying and the cops are here."

A short time later, you can hear police yelling at Pardy to "put the gun down."

"I'm a good person, I didn't mean to do it. It was an accident, she was pulling the gun from me."

It's also alleged when police arrived on the street, Pardy refused to drop his gun, delaying medical treatment for Wadman by about 15 minutes. 

4-hour standoff

McNeil said the standoff with Pardy lasted about four hours and ended when police grabbed him as they were handing him insulin for his diabetes.

In addition to the 911 calls, the Crown is entering text messages into evidence.

The messages, the Crown said, were sent from Pardy to his cousin.

In those messages, the Crown said Pardy said he was "going on a rampage" and was going to "kill them all."  

The gun used to kill Wadman, the Crown alleges, was a 9 mm semi-automatic that Pardy had a permit to use in Keels, Bonavista Bay.

The trial will continue on Thursday.

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