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Trepassey roofer succumbs to injuries after 20-foot drop

Flags in the town of Trepassey are at half-mast today while the community mourns the loss of a young man who died in a workplace accident.

Curtis fell through a skylight to a concrete floor on Tuesday

CJ Curtis, 20, died following a tragic workplace accident in Trepassey on June 16, 2015. (Facebook)

Flags in the town of Trepassey on Newfoundland's Southern Shore are at half-mast, as the community mourns the loss of a young man who died in a workplace accident.

CJ Curtis, 20, died on Wednesday night, a day after he fell through a skylight on the Glamox Lighting building he was working on for Southern Construction.

Police said Curtis, who was not tethered, stepped backward onto the plastic tile, dropping roughly 20 feet to the concrete floor below.

He was in critical condition when he was airlifted to the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's, where he later died.

CJ Curtis was working on the Glamox Lighting Building in Trepassey at the time of the fall. (Amy Stoodley/CBC)

The more than 500 residents of Trepassey are reeling over the death of a well-liked young man who enjoyed the outdoors.

"The town is just overwhelmed with grief. Words aren't enough ... it's like we want to do more and what can we do to help this family through this tragedy?" said Sharon Topping, town manager and clerk.

Topping said Curtis enjoyed hunting and played on his high school basketball team.

"Everytime I did see him there was a smile and a twinkle in his eye."

Topping is urging people to comfort workers with the local construction company, which Curtis worked for.

"There is no blame to be put anywhere, it was an accident."

Occupational Health and Safety officials are investigating the incident.

RCMP said its investigation determined there was no criminal wrongdoing.