Nfld. & Labrador

Tordon 101 focus of rallies held across N.L.

Several demonstrations were held across Newfoundland and Labrador on Saturday to protest the use of Tordon 101.
The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides held rallies in three areas in the province on Saturday, to protest government's continued use of the herbicide, Tordon 101. (CBC)

Demonstrations were held across Newfoundland and Labrador on Saturday to protest government's continued use of an herbicide. 

Tordon 101 was the focus for demonstrators in several areas of the province, including Bannerman Park in St. John's, the Community Garden in Stephenville and Leon Cooper Memorial Park in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides spokesperson Greg Malone describes Tordon 101 as an old and dangerous chemical that should be banned. (CBC)
Actor and author Greg Malone, who is with the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, says the toxic chemical is sprayed on the sides of highways and along power lines to prevent plant growth.

Malone said the goal of the rallies was "to show government some physical evidence so that Newfoundlanders really are opposed to this toxic spraying and we don't need to be doing it anymore."

"We need a new way of thinking about these things for the future," said Malone. "We can't just say, 'Oh Health Canada thinks it's alright or we've been using it for decades.'"

Signatures were gathered at the rallies, and Malone plans to take these petitions to government to build the group's case.