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New Canadians excited to vote for first time in N.L. provincial election

A group of new Canadians will be exercising their right to vote for the first time Thursday, and are encouraging everyone who is able to vote to do the same.

Potholes? Market them as an N.L. version of the Grand Canyon

Birth rate dropping? Just hold on — it might go up once Muskrat Falls kicks in and folks can't afford to turn on their heat, says comedian Vicky Mullaley.

Facebook says it's tackling trolls and fake news in N.L. election, but steps back from censorship

The social media monolith says it has a whole team dedicated to battling misinformation in Canadian elections — but it's at loggerheads with the company's fear of censorship.

Big cuts or broken promises: No matter who wins the election, tough decisions are ahead

Despite a bleak financial picture, the main parties are promising tax cuts — a move that a political scientist describes as “disastrously irresponsible.”

Here's what happens when you spoil a ballot

Don't like who's running in your district? You could just stay home on election day. Or you could enter a spoiled ballot vote in protest.

N.L. election in final stretch

People across Newfoundland and Labrador are heading to the polls today to cast their ballots in the provincial election.

Apathy or discontent? 24 hours before election wraps up, here's what people are hearing

"Maybe it's one part anger and one part resignation," says Luke Battcock.

Young children at home mean challenges on the campaign trail, candidates say

Candidates from several parties say that having kids makes it more difficult to get involved in politics, but also provides additional motivation to do the work.

Against all odds, NL Alliance hopes to bring change to provincial politics

The newest party on the provincial scene still has hope it can affect the outcome of the election — and the way politics works from now on.

High stakes and key political battlegrounds: These are the races to watch

The NDP hopes its leader can enter the legislature while incumbents prepare for stiff competition.

Why these teens are worried about the next 11 years in a warming world

Allison Jeon, Erin Lee and Chloe Puddister are some of the organizers of Fridays for Future in St. John's. They aren't all old enough to vote, but they know what they want out of this election.

Alison Coffin 'tingly' as NDP campaign enters home stretch, with everything on the line

The NDP leader attempted to put a positive spin on her party's campaign Wednesday, saying her party is a viable option for voters and that a wave of volunteers have rallied to the cause.

Miawpukek chief hopes to increase Indigenous vote in provincial election

Only about 85 of 600 eligible voters cast ballots in last election, says Mi'sel Joe.

People already struggling with power bills worry about looming spectre of Muskrat Falls

Landlords, tenants and homeowners share similar thoughts on power affordability in Newfoundland and Labrador, and they're not optimistic.

5 provinces have changed governments in past year, and N.L. could be next

A surge in support for underdog Tories has added a twist to Newfoundland and Labrador’s election campaign, writes John Gushue.

Small business, small town: Finding opportunity in rural N.L.

They're making a go of it out around the bay because they're determined to live in the places they love.

Marystown skating show controversy potentially a 'grave offence,' says PC leader

PC Leader Ches Crosbie suggested Tuesday there could be criminal wrongdoing in the acquisition of tickets to a high-profile skating show in Marystown in April 2018.

Tory blue book math doesn't add up on 2005 Atlantic Accord benefits

The Progressive Conservative campaign platform overstates the impact of the 2005 Atlantic Accord by nearly $700 million, and has the Tories giving an evolving series of answers to explain their calculations.

1st-time voters want specifics, not vague promises, this election

Matthew Bendzsa, Sarah Dunphy and Michael Chislett have a lot of insight into what they're looking for, and they're finally old enough to vote.

Here's how the N.L. election could cause a construction backlog

Communities like Gander are in a holding pattern because they can't go to tender until after the election, and the town's mayor says needed work might not get done in time.

NDP pushes promises for women — without specifics on spending — as election nears

Flanked by candidates, NDP Leader Alison Coffin makes wide-ranging promises involving women but is mum on where the money will come from.

Kidney-patient issues part of election platforms, but details are scarce

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives aren't doing interviews to flesh out the details. Meanwhile, Eastern Health's transplant co-ordinator role still not permanently filled.

21 Questions with Dwight Ball

This is a lighter look at the political leaders of Newfoundland and Labrador.

'Go right ahead,' says Dwight Ball after Dale Kirby requests investigation into ticket controversy

Ousted Liberal minister Dale Kirby is requesting a formal investigation into the conduct of Dwight Ball and a number of MHAs who attended Kaetlyn Osmond's skating show last year, according to a letter obtained by CBC News. 
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Promises, promises: Where will the money come for these last-minute pledges?

At this late stage in the campaign, we should view any major announcement as nothing more than theatre, writes Terry Hussey.

Muskrat Falls critic Jim Learning votes in provincial election for 1st time — for himself

"I've never voted in a Newfoundland election before, because I've never agreed with the government," he said.

Politicians mum on fisheries during election campaign, says advocate

Kimberly Orren works to spread knowledge of the fishery, but wonders why it hasn't been a talking point during this campaign.

N.L. is racking up debt provincially and personally — these experts have a way out

The people and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador are spending money they don’t have and experts say the consequences will be dire if the issues are not addressed immediately.

White, older men dominate the #nlpoli landscape. Why isn't there more diversity?

There are 28 women running in the 2019 election, down from 35 the last time voters went to the poll.
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I pay taxes, obey laws and give back to our province — but in this election I can't vote

Permanent residents contribute to the social, cultural and economic landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador, but we will not have a say on Thursday, writes Prajwala Dixit.

Campaign blunders, frivolous announcements raising eyebrows in election lead-up

Both the PCs and the Liberals fumbled Friday in attempts to gain publicity and point fingers at the other side. Here's how it went down.

There are financial icebergs on the horizon, and I'm looking for the life jackets

The boil water in my community has been in place longer than I've been alive. So, yes, some fresh approaches to rural sustainability would be nice, writes Mallary McGrath.
Weekend Briefing

How a governing party can be turfed even if it wins more votes

While polls are showing a tight race across the province, Thursday’s election may come down to a series of dogfights in particular districts, writes John Gushue.

Dwight Ball pledges 24-hour Botwood ER service that analysis found 'is not required'

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball’s impromptu campaign pledge to reinstate 24-hour emergency room service at a health-care facility in Botwood comes less than three months after a Department of Health analysis concluded that wasn’t necessary.

PC hopeful skirts questions on values after fellow Labrador candidate axed

Derick Sharron, a Pentecostal pastor, says he would fight for everyone in his district.
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If you want to know about arts funding, think of the tiniest slice of pie you've ever seen

There are good reasons why I helped launch an arts funding campaign, writes playwright Robert Chafe.

No advance polls in Nain, but you could cast a special ballot in a man's house

Nain's community leader says a lack of information on how to vote before May 16 left people unable to vote.

Crosbie boots candidate with anti-abortion, anti-gay views 24 hours after backing him

Tory candidate Michael Normore was vocal about his views on same-sex marriage and had the backing of Ches Crosbie — until the PC leader read his posts.

Contradictory polls agree on one thing: Dwight Ball's Liberals are in trouble

Three polls, three seemingly different narratives. But the numbers still point to trouble for Dwight Ball's Liberals.

Voters are worried about jobs — here's one industry that's hiring

The tech sector employs nearly 4,000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador, but insiders say that number could be much higher.

All hail King Eddie? How a tight election could mean a big role for estranged Liberal

Estranged Liberal Eddie Joyce says he's not even thinking about it, but the prospect of a tight election race next week between the Liberals and the PCs could thrust him into the spotlight as a possible kingmaker.

Here's what's on the minds of some early voters at the N.L. advance polls

If you're out of town or busy next week — or you just want to cast your vote now — you have until 8 p.m.

Liberal campaign's $5M arts funding commitment draws mixed reaction

The Liberal Party is promising to meet the demands of artists who campaigned to increase funding leading up to Budget 2019.

Proposed hospice gets $1M commitment from N.L. Liberals

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball has committed to spending $1.3 million each year to fund a end-of-life care centre in Grand Falls-Windsor.

NDP leader tiptoes away from 'spoil their ballots' advice, but encourages various protests

When pressed about comments she made to NTV, Alison Coffin didn't repeat the phrase "spoil their ballots," but said people should feel free to protest.

Liberals hope to pick up seat with premier's assistant on Newfoundland's south coast

Red campaign signs in Seal Cove largely turn to blue signs in Pool's Cove, as the PCs and Liberals battle it out for the district.

Keep tuition freeze, then reduce post-secondary fees, says NDP leader

Alison Coffin announced her party's plan for post-secondary education at a Wednesday campaign event in St. John's.

Beer truck accident highlights need for rural cell coverage

The Liberal Party has promised to improve cell phone service on the highway, where coverage is spotty, if they are re-elected.

Post-debate poll gives edge to PCs with just over a week to go

But most respondents to the Abacus Data poll say they think Dwight Ball and the Liberals will win at the ballot box.

PC, Liberal both see path to victory in bellwether Terra Nova riding

The party that wins Terra Nova riding has formed government in each of the past 7 general elections.

Dumb-ocracy? Not if you get out and vote, says comedian Vicky Mullaley

If we can vote in droves for Rex Goudie on Canadian Idol, surely we can get out and vote in the election, says comedian Vicky Mullaley.

Not CFAs but NBCs: 'Newfoundlanders by Choice' on why they picked this province

Politicians say N.L.'s population must grow — or at least, stop shrinking. What do we offer newcomers to this province, and how can we convince people to stay?

Forget cutting fat at Nalcor — the NDP wants to scrap it completely

The party released its platform Monday, with a promise to dismantle the Crown corporation and hand offshore oil management to government instead.

Chris Mitchelmore up against 'spit, fire and vinegar' in high-energy Northern Peninsula race

The incumbent Liberal MHA for St. Barbe-L'Anse aux Meadows, Chris Mitchelmore, is facing a spirited challenge on the Northern Peninsula.

'Undecided' leads all provincial parties in latest MQO poll

When undecided voters are factored out, Liberals lead the PCs 48 per cent to 36 per cent.

Just 2 candidates square off in Harbour Grace-Port de Grave rematch

Pam Parsons and Glenn Littlejohn have sat in the legislature before, giving voters the chance to base their decision on the candidates' political records.

Male candidates get grilling at women's council forum in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Liberal incumbent Perry Trimper, PC candidate Shannon Tobin and Independent candidate Jim Learning fielded questions on women's issues Monday evening.
CBC Investigates

Liberal candidate ran failed penny stock firm that sought sweet deal in Cambodia

Humber-Bay of Islands hopeful Brian Dicks is defending his past role as president of a penny-stock company that was briefly valued in the tens of millions.

School infrastructure key election issue for N.L. francophones

​​​​​​​For Newfoundland and Labrador’s tiny francophone population, one issue looms larger than the rest this election: the state of the province’s French-language schools.

What the new Atlantic Accord deal says — and does not say

Despite the messaging from the Liberal camp, there is nothing in a new deal that binds anyone to anything on making Muskrat Falls power cheaper, writes CBC's Chris O’Neill-Yates.

Battle for the Exploits, as Tory candidate hopes to flip district back to blue

Independent Gloria Cooper hopes to capture the youth vote, while Liberal Jerry Dean makes pitch to hold seat.

There are 3 sets of siblings running in the Newfoundland and Labrador election

The Crosbies, the Dinns and the Osbornes make three … but not all siblings are running for the same party.

Uncertainty driving some paramedics out of the job — and province: Paramedic Association

There is a two-year delay for a plan to streamline the 48 contracts for private and community-based ambulance services across N.L.

N.L. NDP unveils affordability action plan

At a home not far from the St. John's International Airport the New Democrats in Newfoundland and Labrador launched an affordability plan it hopes will take off with voters.

Tories pledge $3.5M to get rid of 1.6-km rule, let all kids ride the bus to school

The Progressive Conservatives say a $3.5 million cash infusion will allow all students to ride the bus, despite internal government estimates that suggest the cost would be much higher.

​​​​​​​'Skategate': How the Liberals got a free ticket to a campaign controversy

The skating club in Marystown got a grant it never asked for, and questions still swirl over how exactly Liberal insiders got tickets to a Kaetlyn Osmond celebration, writes Anthony Germain.
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Our government is not serving us. It's time to get serious about democratic reform

Putting people over party is just one critical way we can bring our democratic institutions up to date, writes Lori Lee Oates.
Weekend Briefing

Ches 'I am a new broom' Crosbie and his plan to win over NDP voters

While positioning himself away from his own party's recent past, the Tory leader is also hoping his platform's left flank will appeal to New Democrats.

A heated doorstep debate symbolizes what's at stake in Mount Scio

A feisty dialogue in the St. John's district of Mount Scio is emblematic of a political prize up for grabs in the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election.

What do Dwight Ball and Ches Crosbie agree on? Don't fork over more cash to municipalities

Municipal representatives are pressing for big changes to the relationship between town councils and the provincial government — but both PC Leader Ches Crosbie and Liberal Leader Dwight Ball say it's not realistic right now.
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Hey politicians! Here's some free advice on getting young people (and others) to vote

N.L. had the worst turnout in its electoral history in 2015. Andie Bulman says politicians can avoid a repeat by looking at what's happened in Prince Edward Island.

The other House of Commons: Talking to voters in Heart's Content

Undecided heads to William Piercey's store to learn what people in rural communities want in this election.
In Depth

What's the plan? Explaining the N.L. climate change strategy

To prevent the worst effects of climate change, every corner of the world needs to do its part.

Power plays, health spending and jobs: Where the party leaders clashed in the televised debate

Alison Coffin, Ches Crosbie and Dwight Ball clashed on health care, Muskrat Falls and job creation in a televised debate.

There's a voter apathy epidemic. We went to a St. John's bowling alley to find a fix

Who's excited for the provincial election?

N.L. stands out from the rest of Canada in new GDP report, and not in a good way

The economy of every province and territory grew in 2018 ... except one.

N.L. doctor welcomes Liberal concussion policy promise, but wants more done

Dr. Jared Butler is in the midst of getting better concussion awareness implementing in hockey rinks across the province.

#NLVotes: Leaders to square off in televised debate

Alison Coffin, Dwight Ball and Ches Crosbie are live in studio at 7 p.m. NT to debate this election's biggest issues.

Here's what happened at the province's 1st election debate for 2019 campaign

All four party leaders squared off Tuesday night for the first political debate of the 2019 election season, but two focused in on each other.

Land owner confused about Team Gushue Highway plans, says he hasn't heard from government

Doug Manstan says he's tried to get more information from the provincial government, and is worried his land will be expropriated.

It's voting season. Here's The Outhouse's guide to ticking the box

This one's for grown-ups. If you're not old enough to vote, you've been warned.

Tory 'blue book' will cost $254M, but Ches Crosbie says he can deliver

The Progressive Conservative Party released its 'blue book' election platform Tuesday in St. John's, a day after the Liberals revealed a no-surprise political platform of their own.

Liberals promise bus passes for income support clients in St. John's area

The Liberals say they will provide bus passes to all income support clients in the metro St. John's region, as part of their election platform released this week.
CBC Investigates

For the past 2 years, the cost of kids in care has jumped by millions. Why?

For the last two years, the province has spent significantly more than planned on kids in care, because more of them have complex needs and mental health issues.

Liberal party releases campaign platform with few new promises

It's much the same as the Budget 2019, with a few new promises.

Ches Crosbie doubles down on insurance, says he'll eliminate tax on home policies

PC Leader Ches Crosbie says he'll go a step further than the Liberals and also remove the 15 per cent sales tax on home insurance policies if elected premier on May 16.

Liberal insulin pump promise 'devastating,' says diabetic who lost funding

A St. John's woman who lost provincial coverage for her insulin pump says the Liberals' recent promise to expand funding for the device doesn't go far enough.

Independents often face a tough road to get elected. Unless, you're Eddie Joyce

A political scientist says it's rare for candidates to succeed outside the party system, but a couple running in this election have name recognition.

'Hilariously humiliating fiasco': Former NDP candidate slams party's small slate of candidates

A former NDP candidate and organizer for the party says the executive only have themselves to blame for the party's smallest number of candidates in decades.
Weekend Briefing

Sheer cynicism or just plain politics? How Dwight Ball gave an unwanted Easter present to his opponents

While the opposition blasts him for "a rush job" of an election, Dwight Ball timed the election call to help himself and hurt his opponents, writes John Gushue.

Here's how the next N.L. premier would help children with disabilities

Families are telling the province they can't afford to pay for their kids. This was the response on the campaign trail.

Northern Peninsula forest industry's potential revival hits roadblocks with campaign underway

The company proposing to construct a $20-million pellet plant in Hawkes Bay struggling to find investors and dealing with personnel changes, sources say.

New mine on time, on budget as Tacora prepares to restart iron ore production

Confidence has been injected into Labrador West as the former Scully mine prepares to extract iron ore beginning in June.

Here are all the people running in the May 16 N.L. election

The final list of candidates for the upcoming provincial election has been released.

More hires, electronic care top wish-list for doctors as politicians campaign

Three weeks away from the provincial election and doctors are sending their wish list to the politicians. On that list — more doctors so that every citizen in the province has access to a family physician and making electronic care a reality.

Crosbie promises referendum on equalization, Ball says province can't change it

PC leader Ches Crosbie says if elected premier, he would hold a referendum on Canada's transfer payment arrangement.

Former father-in-law suing PC candidate for $94K over Tors Cove cabin

A candidate for the PC Party in the St. John's district of Mount Scio, Lloyd Power, is being sued by his former father-in-law in relation to the construction of a cabin in Tors Cove.

Indigenous issues absent from Liberals' 1st day in Labrador

Liberal leader Dwight Ball arrived in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Tuesday evening.

'Very lonely' and in chronic pain, but senior told too healthy for spot in a home

Quality Living Alliance for Seniors says others like Irene Anthony are being denied spaces in personal care homes because their mental health is ignored.

'Great problem to have': Glove factory in central Newfoundland wants more workers

Point Leamington's glove factory wants to hire 30 new workers, but can't fill the positions.