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NAPE president says money spent on communications consultant 'not necessary'

NAPE president Jerry Earle has maintained all along that the province had the resources in house to handle all of it's communicating consulting needs and lawfirm McInnes Cooper no longer requiring Cathy Dornan's services has proved him right.

Court application won't stop closure of Harbour Grace court, says Andrew Parsons

A committee of lawyers in the region filed an application to halt the closure of the Harbour Grace provincial court this week, arguing the shutdown would impede access to justice and constituted a breach of judicial independence.

Brace yourself: Labrador mom says cut to orthodontic services means an extra $35K bill

The bill for braces for one Happy Valley-Goose Bay teen could rise astronomically, as the end of Labrador-Grenfell Health's subsidized orthodontic services looms.

Marathon filibuster ends in House of Assembly

After more than 74 hours of near-consecutive proceedings, Opposition MHAs gave up the floor on Thursday afternoon and allowed the Liberal government to move forward with two bills related to the provincial budget.

Filibuster of Liberal budget barrels into Thursday afternoon, cancelling question period again

In what is one of the longest filibuster in Newfoundland and Labrador's history, the opposition continues into day four of a filibuster of the Liberal budget.

'Democracy in action': Dwight Ball says he has no plans to kill PC filibuster

The House of Assembly’s three-day marathon is threatening to stretch even longer, as Newfoundland and Labrador’s governing Liberals say they’re not considering forcing the ongoing filibuster session to a close.

'I'm as stubborn as they comes': Dwight Ball refuses to quit, says committed to province

An already-unpopular Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball says he has no plans to quit his job, just six months into his first mandate.

Filibuster day 3: Opposition continues stall tactics to delay Liberal budget measures

While people in Newfoundland and Labrador were just waking up to start their Wednesday, opposition MHAs were continuing into day three of their filibuster of the budget.

'It's extremely bad': Political scientists weigh in on Dwight Ball's first 6 months

Dwight Ball has been premier of Newfoundland and Labrador six months as of May 30, and in that time has become one of the most controversial leaders in the province's history.

Premier Ball chooses silence as opposition lectures, filibusters budget bills

On a day filled with windy debate, a 17-hour filibuster and bold proclamations, Premier Dwight Ball fell silent.

Protest group covers the town with new anti-Dwight Ball signs

The protest group that plastered posters calling for Dwight Ball's resignation says they'll march on after their signs were taken down by government contractors on Monday.

Opposition blasts away on government's handling of protest signs, negotiation notice

A day filled with government missteps has provided juicy ammunition for Newfoundland and Labrador's opposition parties.

Gas tax relief coming for Labrador's isolated north coast, says Randy Edmunds

The MHA for Torngat Mountains says government will ensure gas prices don't go much higher for his isolated region.


Government paid for removal of anti-Dwight Ball protest signs

The Newfoundland and Labrador government hired an outside contractor to remove dozens of signs calling for Premier Dwight Ball's resignation, a cabinet minister said Monday.

Dwight Ball needs to change tack to win back public trust, says political scientist

Stephen Tomblin says the premier should become more clear with the public and more aggressive in defining his actions and plans if he’s hoping to turn the tide of bad news.


Long lines at gas stations ahead of tax hike

Consumers across the province rushed to fill up ahead of a 18.6 cent hike on each litre of gas, which will be implemented Thursday.

Ex-Nalcor chair says Dwight Ball knew of Ed Martin's severance

The former chair of the Nalcor board of directors says he personally told Premier Dwight Ball that Ed Martin would be paid severance prior to the $1.4-million package being approved by the board of directors.

Former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin releases severance agreement, details exit pay

Former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin has released documents that appear to support his claim that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador approved his controversial severance payment.

$1.2M for Grenfell Campus childcare centre clawed back

The university's faculty association says the project was just about ready to build as it awaited the government green light for months.

Controversial N.L. budget passes in the House of Assembly

With all present Liberal members voting in favour, the government has pushed through its latest financial plan for the province, including an almost $2-billion deficit.

Dwight Ball should 'come clean' on Ed Martin severance, PCs say

Premier Dwight Ball should tell the province just what he knows about the controversial severance payout to the ex-Nalcor head, PC leader Paul Davis says.

Dwight Ball asks for investigation into Ed Martin severance

Premier Dwight Ball has asked the auditor general to look into Ed Martin's $1.4-million severance payment, the government announced Sunday afternoon.

#NLwomenrising: Women's centres stage day of awareness against Budget 2016

Women's organizations across the province are getting the word out Tuesday on how Budget 2016 affects women and children.

'Literally thousands' of messages of support, says MHA Paul Lane on budget decision

The now-independent MHA for Mount Pearl-Southlands made a lengthy Facebook post Monday, addressing his constituents and people of the province after he was kicked out of the Liberal caucus.

Paul Lane poised to vote against Liberal budget

Liberal MHA Paul Lane is on a collision course with his own government, and says he can not vote for the budget without substantial changes.