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In their words: The most powerful quotes from CBC's Inside the Classroom forum

When given the chance to speak candidly, the teachers in CBC's Inside the Classroom forum did not hold back. Here is some of what they had to say.

'Clear trends': Education task force hears complaints on inclusion, resources and more

Complaints about the education system have been consistent across the province, said the chairperson of the Premier's task force on education.

'Not working as it was intended:' Education minister says inclusive model has to change

Education Minister Dale Kirby said the current inclusive education model in schools across Newfoundland and Labrador is "not working as it was intended," and it needs to change to better serve students.

'Over my dead body': Dale Kirby says he won't cut more teaching positions

On the same day that the Newfoundland and Labrador government announced the elimination of nearly 300 jobs, the minister of education said he "would not stand for" any further cuts to teaching positions in the province.

Guilt and discouragement: Why some teachers would not choose the same career again

At the end of Inside the Classroom — a frank discussion on the state of the province's education system — we asked teachers if they would still choose the same career.

Inside the Classroom: Focusing on academic programs

In our third segment, we're delving into full-day kindergarten, how math is taught — and we get some tearful responses from teachers after asking if they would do it all again.



Inside the Classroom: Focusing on academics

At special CBC forum, teachers discuss full-day kindergarten, math and regrets about entering their profession

Full-day kindergarten straining system, pushing teachers to breaking point

Teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador are growing frustrated with the effects of full-day kindergarten on the rest of the system, as class sizes grow and resources shift.

Still stressed after all these years: School researcher dismayed by lack of progress

More than a decade after her work on teacher stress resulted in a public fiasco, Lynda Younghusband says nothing has changed.

Mentally ill or ill-equipped? Anxiety top issue in schools, says guidance counsellor

Children are being treated with anti-anxiety medication to avoid healthy stresses early in life, says a guidance counsellor on the northeast Avalon.

Tube feeding, injections: Not trained to do that, say student assistants

What if something goes wrong? That's the worry of NAPE members who look after children with serious medical issues — with little or no training.



Inside the Classroom: Student and parent behaviours forum

Part two of our special series on education is focusing on behaviours that teachers are seeing in the classroom from their students, and outside of school when dealing with parents.



Inside the Classroom: Student and parent behaviours

In our second Inside the Classroom forum, we hear from teachers on what kind of behaviours they're seeing

Weak punishments, big classes breed bad habits, teachers say

Teachers from across Newfoundland and Labrador say behaviours in the classroom are getting worse, and they are laying part of the blame on class sizes and the "no zero" policy.

Blame social media, video games for behavior problems in school, educators say

Growing up in the social media age is doing more harm than good, says a school counsellor in St. John’s.

'Not just a nice idea': The importance of inclusion in and beyond the classroom

The topic of inclusion in the province's schools brings forth many different opinions. But for the Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living, the importance of inclusion goes beyond the classroom.

Have your say: A collection of public responses to CBC's Inside the Classroom series

Viewers respond to week one of Inside the Classroom, which focused on inclusive education.

Too many schools inaccessible for N.L. students with disabilities

The Coalition of Persons with Disabilities NL says nearly half the province's schools have entrances, doors or hallways that are inaccessible for students with mobility issues.

'Non-essential' French immersion, music classes get little support, teachers say

Some teachers in non-core subjects say they are struggling to get the resources available to other teachers.

'It's a continuing battle': Parents of kids with learning disabilities still struggling with inclusion

Sonia Tucker says she has to fight to get the resources her son A.J. needs to succeed in this province's inclusive education system.

'Nowhere to turn': Teachers left alone to deal with special needs, fed up with system

Educators in Newfoundland and Labrador are fed up with the implementation of the inclusive education model at their schools — a system that sees students with various special needs placed in regular classrooms with little to no support.

From exile to inclusion: Special education makes big strides, but problems persist

The inclusion of special needs students in mainstream learning is a win for equality, but the same complaints from teachers have been present for more than 20 years, Ryan Cooke writes.



Inside the Classroom: Inclusive Education forum

In this first segment of the three-part series, Inside the Classroom, teachers discuss the issues they face from trying to teach children of varying learning capabilities in a single classroom — but without the proper resources in place to support it.

Inside the Classroom: Schools not staffed to deal with behavioural issues, teachers say

Students and staff are facing violence in the Newfoundland and Labrador school system, due in large part to a lack of supports for special needs students, teachers told CBC.

When teachers talk: Why CBC gathered 30 teachers to take us Inside the Classroom

Teachers have been silent for a long time, reluctant to speak out in case their comments were met with disciplinary action. Until now.