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DaycareDebt: What N.L.'s political leaders are saying about daycare costs

CBC News asked Newfoundland and Labrador's political leaders about the expense of childcare in this province, following our coverage in the DaycareDebt series that looked at debt-ridden parents and their struggles.

DaycareDebt: NDP Leader Earle McCurdy explains party position on daycare

NDP Leader Earle McCurdy explains his party's position on daycare

Women losing job experience, can't get back in workforce because of childcare costs

The high cost of childcare is a challenge for some parents in Newfoundland and Labrador, with many leaving their careers in order to care for their children rather than foot a huge daycare bill.

No daycare spots for autistic son, says Corner Brook mom

Parents in Newfoundland and Labrador may struggle to find affordable childcare, but one Corner Brook mom says the process is even more stressful if your child has special needs.
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DaycareDebt: Searching for childcare keeps me awake at night

I lie awake many nights and it’s not just because I have a baby under a year old. I’m worried I won’t find childcare.
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DaycareDebt: A child-care worker's perspective

I never intended to work in child care, I just sort of fell into it.

DaycareDebt | Karen Banfield: 'I think parents don't realize how much goes into it'

Long waitlists and high fees are concerns daycare operator Karen Banfield hears from parents at Priceless Treasures in Paradise.

DaycareDebt | Julia Holman-Price: 'Debt, debt, debt and more debt'

Julia Holman-Price didn't expect that when she started a job that paid more than $50,000 a year, she would end up wishing she was still earning $13 an hour.

DaycareDebt: Daycare by the numbers

It's difficult to to paint a picture of the state of daycare in Newfoundland and Labrador because some daycares are licensed and regulated, while many otheres are not. Here are some numbers we've found.

DaycareDebt | Sara Kean: $47K a year for daycare

Life is hectic and fun in Sara Kean's household, but the fun stops when it comes to the subject of daycare.

DaycareDebt | Zarinah Ivany: 'It has been hard to watch my career stall'

Zarinah Ivany doesn't regret staying home for a year to take care of her two four-year-old daughters, but it's been hard putting her career on hold.

DaycareDebt: Parents are paying more than they can afford for daycare

For most families, debt is part of life. But many are going into the red for more than mortgages and car loans. Many are going into to debt to pay for daycare.

DaycareDebt: Sara Kean $47,000 a year for childcare

Sara Kean has a son who's almost five and one-year-old twins. She has to pay $47,000 a year in daycare

DaycareDebt: Karen Banfield the daycare perspective

Daycare operator Karen Banfield says parents who want lower fees don't know what's involved in running a daycare

DaycareDebt: Zarinah Ivany says it's hard watching her career stop

Parent Zarinah Ivany says while she has no regrets, it's been tough putting her career on hold while she cares for her kids

DaycareDebt: Julia Holman-Price Debt, debt, debt and more debt

Julia Holman-Price says she can barely pay the bills because daycare costs are so high