No written guarantee on EU vaccine shipments, says international trade minister

Minister of International Trade Mary Ng told the House of Commons standing committee on international trade that she and the prime minister have spoken to European Union officials and were told that Canada's supply of vaccines from Europe will not be affected by EU export controls.



Top trade negotiator discusses the options if the European Union blocks COVID-19 vaccine delivery to Canada

Steve Verheul spoke with B.C. Liberal MP Randeep Sarai at the Commons International Trade committee on Monday.

New year, old trade wars: lumber, dairy disputes set for arbitration

Two of the thorniest trade disputes between Canada and the U.S. — on softwood lumber and dairy — are ready for a comeback in 2021 under the new NAFTA.

Canada-U.K. trade deal signed — but implementing bill unlikely to meet deadline

International Trade Minister Mary Ng introduced legislation today to implement Canada's newly signed transitional trade agreement with the United Kingdom — but it's not likely to become law before the government's Dec. 31 deadline.

Ottawa unveils funding for poultry and egg farmers hurt by free-trade deals

Canadian egg and poultry farmers who've lost domestic market share due to two recent free-trade agreements will have access to $691 million in federal cash. The money follows a previously announced $1.75 billion for the dairy sector linked to free-trade deals.

Commons considers Bloc bill to end dairy concessions in trade deals

When Canadian trade negotiators begin talks with the United Kingdom next year on a permanent bilateral trade deal, their hands could be tied when it comes to offering any future dairy, egg or poultry concessions — if Parliament passes a new private member's bill that saw its first hour of debate on Tuesday.


Canada, U.K. strike transitional post-Brexit trade deal

Negotiations between Canada and the United Kingdom to hammer out the terms of their post-Brexit trade deal have concluded, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a video released to the media Saturday morning.



What we know about the Canada-U.K. interim trade deal

The two countries have agreed to 'roll over' the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Opposition warns there's not enough time to vet U.K. trade deal

As signs emerge that a transitional trade deal between Canada and the U.K. is imminent, Opposition MPs on the Commons trade committee warned Friday they may not be able to pass implementation legislation in time because the Liberal government let the talks drag on too long.



Former premiers raise concerns about Canada-EU trade deal

Five former premiers have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to raise concerns about Canada’s trade deal with the EU.

Canada-EU beef trade deal not working as well as hoped

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement is not as profitable as anticipated for Alberta beef producers due to differing health standards between Canada and the European Union.



Ottawa unveils $1.75B for dairy farmers harmed by international trade deals

The Liberal government is delivering $1.75 billion in compensation for dairy producers negatively impacted by the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.



Bibeau announces details of Dairy compensation plan

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau spoke Friday in Compton, Quebec

EU court rules investor protections in Canada's trade deal are legal

The Canada-European Union free trade agreement's provisions to protect investors do not breach EU law, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled Tuesday, in a major relief for proponents of the deal that came into force in 2017.

Liberals dust off Conservative playbook for a worried dairy sector

Faced with an anxious dairy industry poised to complicate the next federal election for the Liberals — particularly in rural ridings in Quebec and Ontario — the federal Liberals are reviving the previous Conservative government's compensation plan to ease the pain of recent trade agreements.

CETA's investor protections compatible with EU law, legal opinion finds

Canada's trade deal with the European Union dodged another bullet Tuesday when the advocate general for the EU's Court of Justice released legal advice that concluded the deal's investor-state dispute settlement mechanism is compatible with EU law.

Canadian dairy processors quietly awarded benefits from new CPTPP imports

While the dairy industry was warning about concessions forced upon Canada in the new North American free trade deal text last week, the federal government quietly awarded Canadian processors almost exclusive rights to import nearly all of the dairy products set to arrive soon from countries like New Zealand under the new Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.



Rutte confident EU nations will ratify CETA

Dutch PM calls CETA "very modern" agreement



EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom on CETA and the future of trade deals

Malmstrom gives an update on CETA one year after it came into provisional application. Is the deal working for Canadians?

EU trade chief defends Freeland after Trump trash-talks 'Canada's negotiator'

The European Union's trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom is coming to the defence of Canada's NAFTA negotiator, Chrystia Freeland, after Donald Trump slammed the foreign affairs minister.

Nervous, anxious times for Alberta's dairy, poultry, egg farmers

Alberta's supply managed farms make up only a small fraction of the province's agriculture sector but there are concerns a reworked trade deal could open the door to more U.S. imports.



Canada-EU trade, one year on: Canada's imports are rising faster than exports

When the Canadian government talks about trade diversification, the agreement it puts in the window is its trade deal with the EU, which took hold one year ago this week. But cutting tariffs is only the first step: if businesses don't take advantage, hopes for meaningful economic growth could be dashed.

European cheese slow to arrive in Canada despite trade deal

As Canada marks the first anniversary of its trade deal with the EU this month, consumers may be wondering why they aren't seeing more European cheese on grocery shelves. The delays are a reminder of how complicated it can get when a trade deal pries open Canada's protected market.



NAFTA talks resume, but other trade threats remain

Canada is still dealing with new U.S. tariffs, and now there's concern Italy will not ratify the Canada-European Union trade deal.



Is CETA's future in jeopardy because of...Italy?

'In a Trump world, this agreement is more important than ever before,' says former Quebec premier Jean Charest on Power & Politics.